Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

Custom-made tools and approaches

For our clients we have worked on a range of projects. Here are some examples of how we contributed to their success.

Car manufacturer

For a global passenger car manufacturer we defined a smart mobility target portfolio of services. We assessed profit pools, M&A opportunities, and potential partners and developed the financial roadmap.

Leasing company

For a global leasing and fleet management company we developed a mobility strategy focusing on B2B services including business model design and implementation roadmap.

Automotive investor

For an automotive player we conducted an independent business review of a global ride-hailer. We validated the business plan and made suggestions for the improvement of growth and profitability.

Public transport operator

For a leading city in the Middle East we developed an integrated mobility concept from defining the investment strategy over the next ten years to creating businesses in ride-hailing and setting up an intermodal mobility platform

National railway

For a railway in a widespread European country we developed a comprehensive new mobility concept, integrating all modes of transport (urban, peri-urban, rural).

Logistics player

For a global logistics player we developed a diversification strategy to enter the mobility market, incl. detailed business cases several market segments. We supported the concept detailing to the successful launch of a new product.

Insurance group

For a leading European insurance group we assessed a diversification strategy into the new mobility ecosystem. We analyzed local markets, customers, and players and defined partners and pilot applications.

Ride Hailer

For Chinese ride-hailers we developed a growth concept, including business model design, profitability analyses, and development of a future asset management model.

Mobility operator

For a leading operator of mobility services we designed a future Mobility Personal Assistant, including business and technical architectures as well as partnerships with other transport companies for the creation of a common data lake

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