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Benefits of Ridesharing for Myanmar

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September 18, 2017

For Myanmar, ridesharing brings mobility benefits and economic opportunities

As Myanmar continues its healthy expansion and growth, demand for mobility is increasing steadily. However, at the current projected economic growth of between 7-8% p.a. in coming years, congestion will balloon without strategic action.

This study highlights the benefits of ridesharing. In a survey with nearly 5,000 respondents, more than 80% consider ridesharing to be more reliable and accessible than existing public transportation. Almost 90% consider it safer and higher quality than alternatives. 71% think of it as more convenient than taxis.

Myanmar is in a unique position to leapfrog other Southeast Asian countries when it comes to mobility.
Myanmar is in a unique position to leapfrog other Southeast Asian countries when it comes to mobility.

If private cars are deployed to transport riders, there are numerous benefits that can be realized:

  1. For the commercial capital Yangon, ridesharing can potentially reduce the average number of cars on the road in the short-term by 45,000, equivalent to 16%. This has repercussions on available parking space and carbon emissions.
  2. For those with a car, ridesharing can provide additional income. 24% of those surveyed indicated interest to drive for a ridesharing platform. Average time to find passengers fell by 18% after ridesharing apps were introduced for taxi drivers in Myanmar.
  3. Ridesharing can grow the banked population. Potentially, 30% and 28% of currently unbanked private car drivers and taxi drivers would open bank accounts to get on to the ridesharing platform. It has the potential to increase mobile money penetration and use by 3 percentage points.

Through our survey and analysis of data supplied by Uber, Roland Berger has made numerous recommendations for regulators to consider. You will find all the details in this publication. We look forward to discussing them with you.

We are convinced, if Myanmar allowed private car ridesharing, the country would not only have the potential to leapfrog mobility solutions and provide benefits for all. It would enable the country to continue fulfilling and exceeding its economic potential.


Benefits of Ridesharing for Myanmar


Innovative mobility models are taking hold in the Southeast Asian nation.

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