How customer centricity creates real value

How customer centricity creates real value

April 15, 2021

Getting customer centricity from the drawing board to the bottom line

Occasional heretics who would question the dogma of putting customers at the center of everything are few and far between. Management everywhere kneels at the same altar and chants the same mantra. But is that just lip service? Or do their companies actually walk the talk?

Companies need to overcome the central challenges of implementing customer centricity concepts.
Companies need to overcome the central challenges of implementing customer centricity concepts.
"Companies often struggle with implementing customer centricity concepts, which will be a critical success factor in the next decade. The objective must be to own, increase and actively shape direct customer interactions."
Portrait of Peter Wienand
Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe

That, clearly, is the tricky bit. Open-mouthed awe at the way Amazon has raised customer retention to an art form is one thing. But how do all the others give customers such a positive experience that they keep coming back, spending more and driving up revenue and profit? How do companies even measure the impact of any steps they do take in this direction? Even more fundamentally, how do they systematically determine what they want to achieve and how to get from here to there?

In this very timely publication, we briefly discuss the undeniable gap between the perception and reality of customer centricity. But it then quickly moves on to address what can and must be done to bridge this gap in reality. Rooted in years of front-line experience, the Roland Berger Customer Delight Framework maps out an intuitive, workable path that can bring the dream of truly satisfied and loyal customers to life at any company willing to go the hard yards. It also identifies five pivotal success factors along the road from wishful thinking to lived-out practice.

Outside perspectives from proven practitioners – at global giant Henkel and leading Swiss retail company Migros – add yet more inspiration with real-world examples of creative ways to get (and keep) customers on board.

The clear message that shines through is as simple as it is compelling: It is time to stop talking and start walking!

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