Machine tools in the digital age

Machine tools in the digital age

December 2, 2020

What machine tool makers should consider when defining their strategy on digital offerings that add value for their customers

While digitalization in discrete manufacturing is progressing fast, many machine tool companies are still struggling to find a clear target position and a sound implementation strategy in the highly complex field of digital products and services surrounding the machine tool. Not only are the needs of their specific customers diverse, but the internal capabilities to develop an innovative digital offering are unique to each company as well. Chances to set the standard are also very much dependent on the position a machine tool maker holds within their customer's manufacturing system. Not to mention the multitude of other players that have appeared on the discrete manufacturing scene trying to establish their competitive digital offerings, and even teaming up with machine tool companies to join forces.

As a result, many machine tool makers not only have to act fast in order to claim their stake of the digital opportunity, they also need to think hard about which digital offerings they should focus on – and how to put them in place given their individual situation, their value proposition and their means.

To help machine tool companies define their strategy and pathways, we have structured the field of digital offerings with respect to the most common types of products and services as well as the different archetypes of players that are currently claiming their digital stake – as competitors or even potential partners. As further food for thought for developing or challenging company-specific strategies on digital offerings, we have also synthesized the key criteria that machine tool makers should particularly keep in mind in order to make their strategy a success.

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Machine tools in the digital age


Get valuable insights into setting up the right strategy for developing digital offerings in machine tools in an ever-changing environment.

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