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Myanmar: A wave of optimism - will it last?

December 6, 2016

Myanmar: A Rare Window of Opportunity

The pace of change in Myanmar is dramatic and unlike anything the business world has seen in recent years. After decades of being shut off from the larger business world, Myanmar is opening up at lightning speed.

In just a few years the government has been making major changes to welcome foreign investment and resurrect global ties. The global community has also been welcoming Myanmar into the international fold, lifting sanctions and investing in the country’s growth.

While Myanmar is open for business, executives that want to set up shop in the country have to have their finger on the pulse of fast moving developments. That’s why Roland Berger conducted the first of its kind business confidence survey with executives in Myanmar.

Roland Berger surveyed both local and international executives with a long history of working in Myanmar and found that they see major opportunities in Myanmar in the years ahead. They believe that the country’s young population, its abundance of natural resources, and geographic position creates real potential in the frontier country.

Even though they plan to boost their spending in Myanmar, however, they know the road ahead won’t be entirely smooth.

Our publication looks at the promise, potential, and pitfalls to doing business in Myanmar. It’s a must read for any executive or investor that wants to take advantage of the new and rare opportunities that the country presents.


Myanmar: A wave of optimism - will it last?


Exclusive: Results and analysis of our comprehensive business confidence survey of the country

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