Portrait of Laura, Consultant

Laura, Consultant


  • Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston USA
  • Capstone project "Biopharmaceutical manufacturing learning platforms" won dissertation award for applicability to industry
  • Focus in materials, industrial products and services
  • Hobbies: painting, singing, sailing, and Scottish reeling

"I am surrounded by women excelling in their industry who are also going above and beyond to create a more diverse company - I am proud to support this effort to improve our organization, knowing that we will all be responsible for its success."


Which advice would you give your younger self?
Don't be too precious about how a situation plays out - it will open your mind to new opportunities you didn't consider… aka there's more than one way to skin a cat.

How did you develop personally at Roland Berger?
Getting to know as many of my colleagues as possible. Peers and mentors have been so important in setting examples of work and behavior. They are the first ones to challenge my knowledge and reinforce the importance of critical thinking. Luckily critical thinking is also useful outside of your professional life.

Why did you decide to pursue a career at Roland Berger?
My academic advisor asked what industry I was interested in and I said "most of them". She asked what sort of positions I was interested in and I said "most of them". She suggested consulting. Thankfully, Roland Berger gave me an internship and I spent 6 months working in the Boston office, at the end of which I earned an offer to return once I'd finished university. I had intended on moving back to the UK but instead decided to stay - I'd never worked with a group of people who were so smart, and intent on helping me succeed whilst still having fun. I wasn't (and am still not) prepared to give that up.

How does Roland Berger differentiate from other top consultancies?
We may be a global company, but we still feel small! There is a real sense of community, both in-offices and between offices which means I always feel engaged in the organization. We encourage and celebrate people who contribute to our community, especially when they take the initiative. It's the only company I've worked at that has the infrastructure and power of a city but feels like a friendly village!

How do women support each other at Roland Berger?
Women@RolandBerger has a number of initiatives that help us support one another - one of my favorites in the US are our empowerment circles - we meet and discuss an assigned topic usually supported by external material like podcasts and articles (topics are on anything from effective mentoring to realistic goal setting and much more). It’s also a chance to chat with female colleagues across all levels about their experiences and their aspirations, both for themselves and the business.

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