Portrait of Maryna, Principal

Maryna, Principal


  • Bachelor's degrees in Economics (Ukraine) and Business Administration (UK)
  • Master's degree in Economics (Ukraine)
  • Project experience in Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Croatia, Qatar
  • Profound experience in media, retail and consumer goods, transportation and infrastructure
  • Focus on large transformation projects, including organizational and comprehensive business transformation programs

"One word I would choose to describe my experience at Roland Berger would be "exciting". It has never been short of challenging yet captivating opportunities to learn new topics, to develop new skills, to grow personally and professionally while working in the most supportive and reliable team."


How did you develop personally at Roland Berger?
Most of my personal and professional skills have been developed owing to my experience at Roland Berger. Roland Berger provided me with opportunities such as managing a team for the first time ever, presenting recommendations to corporations' top management as a fresh graduate, holding responsibility for a small project module while still being a college student. My growth from an intern to a manager responsible for large-scale transformation projects happened at Roland Berger.

Why did you decide to pursue a career at Roland Berger?
I was looking for a career opportunity that would allow me to grow continuously, to be captivated by my work, to feel responsibility for what I am doing and to become a part of the team. Roland Berger was a perfect fit for those criteria. It also helped that I truly enjoyed my recruitment interviews. I became close friends with my interviewers as soon as we started working together.

Have you ever had to especially prove yourself as a woman in consulting?
From day one at Roland Berger, I have been surrounded by female role models. Women have always been a part of the regional management team. Most of my projects have been implemented with at least one female colleague in the role of Project Manager, Principal or Partner. I never saw any limitations, never doubted myself and never felt the need to prove myself because of my gender.

What do you appreciate most about the working environment at Roland Berger?
I really appreciate the combination of a "family atmosphere" in the relatively small office where I am based and the feeling of being connected to offices and teams all around the world. This is cultivated and facilitated via a culture that fosters empathy and mutual support across countries, expertise centers and project teams.

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