Portrait of Daria, Partner

Daria, Partner


  • Master's degree in International Economics
  • Joined Roland Berger in 2008 as an intern
  • Focus on complex projects for regulated industries (transport, infrastructure, construction, energy), sustainability, digitalization and smart cities
  • Hobbies: Sports, travel, art

"Don't blame yourself when you don’t manage to do it all right every day."


How many kids do you have and how old are they?
I have a three year old daughter.

How do you (and your family) organize childcare?
We have help from relatives and last year we started kindergarten.

What does an average work day look like for you as a parent?​​​​​​
I wake up at 6.30 am and spend an hour playing with my daughter. Then she gets ready for kindergarten and I for work. In the evening I come home to spend a couple of hours with her before we take her to bed (we play, have a bath, read).

Now that she's a little older she goes to bed quite late, but when she was smaller, I came home earlier (first at 6 pm, then at 7 pm) and did some of the remaining work/emails after she went to sleep. My husband also tries to keep this schedule, so we do "shifts" – if he is "on duty" in the morning, I take the evening and vice versa.

How do your teammates support you in combining work and family?
My colleagues know that I have a child and they are always flexible and understanding in terms of adjusting time for calls and meetings, especially the evening ones. Same with clients – they knew that I had some limits regarding my working schedule, and they accepted and respected it.

Do you have any advice for successfully combining parenthood and working at Roland Berger?
I believe that with good planning and help, all is possible. When my daughter was small, I scheduled all meetings and calls around her feeding hours, just putting blocks in the calendar, and it worked out. For several months I worked part-time, then shifted back to full-time. Currently I think the combination works well. For me, it has absolutely become the new normal.

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