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Preparing for your interview

We are delighted that you're interested in working for Roland Berger.
Tell us why! Then we'll work out how we best fit together.

The recruiting process

Our recruiting team will be in touch with you within about two to four weeks of receiving your application.

If your qualifications match what we're looking for, we'll invite candidates for permanent jobs to take one of our online analytics tests. If you pass this test, we'll invite you to one of our recruiting days.

Candidates for internships will be invited straight to a recruiting day.

With our tips you are well prepared for your recruiting day
With our tips you are well prepared for your recruiting day
The recruiting day

You might be a bit nervous on your recruiting day. Don't worry – that just shows us that it's an important day for you. It's a big day for us too. We're interested in you and we want to get you onboard.

We'll start with a company presentation where you'll find out interesting information about Roland Berger and what possibilities you'll have if you join us. Then you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know us better.

After that, we'll do personal fit and case interviews with you. We want to get to know you! So, be yourself and be authentic. Tell us about your goals and your experience.

If you're aiming to start as a Junior Consultant, please prepare a two- to three-minute presentation about yourself for your personal fit interview.

We will check your professional knowledge in the case interviews . Take the chance to impress your experienced interviewers!

On recruiting day you'll also be able to find out about our platform structure. You can pick up some important information which you can use to identify the platform that's the best fit for you.

What next?

Candidates for internships will get their feedback at the end of the recruiting day and, if all has gone well, will receive an offer for an internship with us.

For candidates for permanent entry, a successful recruiting day is followed by an interview with the Partner in your future area of work before an offer is made.

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