Corporate Functions


We are proud to offer apprenticeships in office management, primarily with a focus on the PA team, HR, Finance and IT.

Experience Report
Portrait of Dominik
After graduating from high school in September 2021, I started my apprenticeship in office management at Roland Berger. During this time, I got a lot of exciting and interesting insights into different departments and had so many encounters with really friendly and helpful colleagues. I spent six months of my two-year training period in each of my focus areas – the PA team and Finance & Controlling – and on top of that I also had the opportunity to dip into other areas like Marketing, Administration and Human Resources to gain some first experience there.
Because I attended college once or twice a week, I think the mix of theory and practice you get during the apprenticeship is ideal for applying and implementing what you've just learned directly in your real working life.
Throughout the entire apprenticeship period, my trainer was always by my side, as were the key contacts I had in the different departments, with whom I was in regular contact and who supported me at all times.

After successfully completing my apprenticeship in July 2023, I was given the chance to continue my journey at Roland Berger. Due to the wonderful and instructive time I'd had, I decided to take up this opportunity and I'm now working part-time in Finance & Controlling. I am also doing a part-time bachelor's degree.
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