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Your career in our Corporate Functions

The innovative, international and diverse environment at Roland Berger is the optimal starting point for developing your career. Our Corporate Functions are staffed by talented people from a wide range of disciplines whose knowledge, commitment and ideas make a key contribution to the success of our company.

We'll help you find the role that's right for you and shape your individual career in Corporate Functions. Our entry opportunities at a glance:

Career stages in the Corporate Functions at Roland Berger
Career stages in the Corporate Functions at Roland Berger
(Senior) Specialist

Graduates and entry-level applicants can gain their first professional experience as a Specialist.

If you already have at least two years professional experience in your field, you'll join us as a Senior Specialist.


With at least 4-5 years of in-depth professional experience, you will take on the role of an Expert and independently manage the day-to-day business as well as your own field of responsibility.

Senior Expert

As a Senior Expert, you'll have many years of professional experience and profound expertise in your subject area. At this level, you will be familiar with the topics and processes in your field and you'll press ahead with projects and the day-to-day business independently.


As a Manager or Director, you'll additionally have personnel responsibility and you and your team will actively contribute to the company's success.

(Senior) Vice President

Vice President is the next level of seniority for experienced Directors. As a VP, you will make a major contribution to the company's growth and business success and you'll hold international responsibility.

As a Senior Vice President, you'll be responsible for the global management of one of our Corporate Functions at the highest career level and you will independently make decisions with global reach.

Join our team of Personal Assistants

Another important part of our Corporate Functions is our Personal Assistants team. Here, too, you will have opportunities to make a real contribution and grow together with us. You will support our Partners, Principals and consultants with all of the organizational and coordination tasks associated with our very varied project business.

Depending on your professional experience and areas of focus, the following career options will be available to you:

Team Personal Assistant

After completing your apprenticeship/vocational training or graduating from university, you will join us as a Team Personal Assistant and build the foundations for a successful career in the first few years. As a rule, you will be looking after single consulting teams or Principals.

Personal Assistant

After several years of professional experience and/or tenure with Roland Berger, you can be employed as a Personal Assistant. As a rule, you will be looking after several Partners and/or Principals and managing their day-to-day business independently and proactively.

Senior Personal Assistant

Senior Personal Assistant is the highest career level in our Personal Assistants team. Colleagues with many years of wide-ranging and in-depth professional experience look after several Senior Partners or Partners with executive responsibility. In addition to handling the general day-to-day business, you will also be in charge of special topics and projects such as financial controlling or recruiting initiatives for your platform.

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