Portrait of Andreas Poeschl

Andreas Poeschl

Frankfurt Office, Central Europe
+49 69 29924-6282

Andreas joined Roland Berger in 2018 after having graduated with a PhD from the University of St. Gallen and having worked several years in consulting.

As part of the RPT platform, his focus is on transformation, performance improvement and transaction projects across industries in Germany as well as internationally. Over the past years, he has specialized in Finance Function Excellence.

Andreas’ expertise at Roland Berger remains transforming the Finance function operating models, unleashing the art of the possible in Digital Finance and orchestrating company-wide transformations from the CFO’s perspective to drive business value.

" Transformation is more than a buzzword. In times of unpredictable change, the sustainable profitability of a company depends not only on its size or success at any point in time but on its ability to pivot and forge a new path for its future and to leverage a purpose-driven mission to that end. Hence, transformation is not an event – it is a journey. "

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