Energy Week

Energy Week

June 26, 2022 - June 28, 2022
"Affordable, secure and clean energy is the backbone of global prosperity. Join us at the MEA Energy Week to discuss how we master the challenge together."
"The MEA region is key for achieving sustainable and clean energy globally. Join us at the MEA Energy Week to discuss the vast opportunities ahead for the region."
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In the face of climate change, one of the greatest challenges of our time, the energy industry of the future needs to supply both sustainable and affordable energy, while swiftly reducing greenhouse gas emissions to meet global carbon reduction targets.

Roland Berger is knowledge partner of Energy Week, a series of regional conferences hosted by Siemens Energy that bring together business and political leaders to tackle the challenges and tap the potential of decarbonization. Together with Siemens Energy, Roland Berger has created the Energy Transition Readiness Index, to understand where we are, how to connect and what brings optimal impact. The Readiness Index is calculated for each of the five regions in which Energy Week takes place this year. You can find more on the index and the outcome for the Asia-Pacific region here .

The MEA Energy Week, a 3-day virtual conference will take place place from June 27-29. After the first events of the series in Asia Pacific and Latin America, the MEA Energy Week brings together thought leaders and decision makers across the fields of energy, technology, finance, business and government, to discuss how to accelerate the energy transition in a region of constant development.

Roland Berger Partner Pierre Samaties will discuss the „Hot topic“ of the Week on June 27, a special segment that will focus on a hot energy-related topic of the week the event takes place in.

For the full program and to register for the MEA Energy Week click here .

Upcoming Energy Weeks

North America Energy Week

15 – 16 September 2022

Europe Energy Week

26 – 27 September 2022 (tbc)

The business of power is undergoing a global transformation on a scale never seen before. Decarbonization, sustainability, the move toward a circular economy or new energy infrastructure markets mean that industry players need the support of experts who can see the bigger picture. At Roland Berger, our energy consulting team is well placed to provide insights and advice that is strategic, practical and entrepreneurial. Find out more about our consulting services for the power and utility industries .

Roland Berger also regularly publishes studies on the topics of decarbonization and sustainability as well as the associated opportunities for companies. Below you will find a selection of our current publications containing the latest research findings, expert assessments and future scenarios.

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