Who we are

Who we are

The idea that drives us as management consultants

Every great business is driven by an idea. Something grand, earth shattering and so impossible to let go of, that it must be pursued. Ours is that the world must master business, environmental and social challenges to secure sustainable growth, instead of focusing on short-term financial interest at the cost of future generations. There is a lack of equilibrium – we must rebalance. We need a new model. An approach not solely based on measuring temporary shareholder returns, but on something deeper, more meaningful and more substantial. Why? Because we believe that progress and innovation should – and can – create lasting change. We are convinced that, in taking responsibility for the most profound challenges of our time, we have a unique opportunity to rethink the system. We secure growth and robust, profitable business by opening perspectives for the future.

"We are convinced that the world needs a new sustainable paradigm that takes the entire value cycle into account."
Portrait of Stefan Schaible
Senior Partner, Global Managing Partner
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe

Most importantly, we believe that as management consultants we have an active role to play. That we stand on the precipice of a fundamental change, facing a horizon of limitless opportunities – new models, value and supply chains, technologies and ways of doing business, which must be executed with purpose. The big idea that drives us is to help organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs to reimagine their reality and shift the world towards a new sustainable paradigm.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with you

Roland Berger is a global management consultancy for transformation, innovation across all industries, and performance improvement. Founded in 1967 in our home city of Munich, we are one of the leading representatives of our industry, with more than 50 offices and 3,500 dedicated colleagues around the world. What unites us all is the goal of making a positive contribution for our clients and their entire value chain, and harmonizing business and society with a sustainable outlook.

Real transformation demands the spirit of change

We believe transformation can only succeed when the spirit of change is combined with collaboration based on partnership, alongside industry and project expertise. Whether we're working on digitalization, globalization, sustainability or any other issue, we always view challenges as an opportunity to mobilize market forces with our clients and with new approaches, and to direct resources to where they will have the greatest impact.

We act like true business partners for our clients: we create impact in times of growth and fight for them in critical situations. We believe in excellence – not for its own sake, but the kind achieved when people are trusted to realize their full potential and inject innovation with purpose. To this end, we work in lean, international teams that are constantly being reconstituted to suit the case in hand. With free discourse, wide-ranging thinking and diverse perspectives, we maintain a fresh perspective and challenge ourselves and our clients every day. We see this as the only way to shape and accelerate transformation and establish resilient business models. This work does not end with analyses and theoretical concepts. Our project teams roll up their sleeves and dive deep into every detail of operationalizing the solutions in close cooperation with our clients.

Innovations for a sustainable world

We believe that companies can evolve sustainably as their markets change. Together with our clients, we want to make a difference and make a real contribution to a carbon-neutral future. With our expertise in innovation topics, we work on new and creative solutions that will change our world – such as sustainability and climate protection, smart mobility and water management. We are driving forward selected topics like AI, which will strengthen both our business model and that of our clients in the future. The Roland Berger Institute monitors changes in the market and keeps abreast of geopolitical developments, enabling us to always think ahead and develop innovative solutions that support our clients.

Moreover, we believe in our clients. We believe in their capacity and potential to reimagine the world for the better. Which is why we help them to explore new possibilities, establish more resilient business models, redesign their supply chains, leverage new technologies, take new leaps in automation and mobility, all the while honoring who they are at the core. Because we want the world to be better through sustainable growth. And we know our clients do too. As people, connected around a common purpose, we are unstoppable. It takes a special something to change the world. And, together, we have it.

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