Transaction Services

Transaction Services

Our end-to-end transaction service supports clients every step of the way

Transactions are an integral part of sustainable corporate value creation. From actively managing the business portfolio and preparing and executing carve-outs and post-merger integrations, to building alliances and joint ventures – we support businesses across the entire transaction lifecycle to maximize value at every step.

Post-merger integration

Every post-merger integration (PMI) is unique and needs a tailored strategy based on its specific environment, deal rationale, synergy targets and corporate culture. Roland Berger supports you at every step, from developing a tailored PMI approach to comprehensively exploiting all synergies post-closing. Our PMI consulting is centered around three commitments to help you turn your PMI into a success. With value creation at the heart of every step of our PMI approach, we help you to capture your full transactional potential. We also enable you to set up the right project governance, as milestones can only be reached, and all relevant aspects considered, with the right steering. Lastly, people and culture are every organization’s key asset in PMI; we pledge to involve all relevant stakeholders and ensure their buy-in.

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Carve-outs are often the solution to a wide range of business challenges, from raising capital amid rising interest rates and reducing debt burden, to streamlining your focus on core business operations. Roland Berger can guide you through the entire carve-out process and ensure you fulfill your transaction objective. We unlock the potential and maximize the value of the carved-out entity with the long-term valuation and profitability of the Remain Co and the carve-out unit in mind. We assist you in mastering the complexity of the transaction with our in-depth understanding of the strategic, operative and financial separation considerations. And we also safeguard your business continuity by prioritizing a seamless transition

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Alliances & joint ventures

Alliances and joint ventures (JVs) can be a key facilitator for accelerated growth, enhanced reliability and increased efficiency. Roland Berger can help you to achieve and leverage your objectives in terms of expertise and knowledge exchange, market and network access, and financial or operative flexibility. Throughout our comprehensive alliance and JV approach, we emphasize sustainable value creation for all involved parties – from strategy formulation and execution to final alliance or JV implementation. We are also your partner for handling all complexities of the transaction on the investor or JV side.

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Portfolio management

Companies that regularly revise and actively manage their portfolios outperform the competition by strengthening the business areas that create the most value. Roland Berger can support you in developing a portfolio strategy aligning your vision with execution for tangible results. We help you define your target portfolio by identifying attractive growth segments and systematically analyzing strategic options based on the latest market insights. To put your portfolio strategy into action, we develop tailored buy-and-build strategies to position your company for future growth and realize synergies. We also support you in protecting competitive advantages by defining strategies on how to win in specific fields and optimizing resource allocation across portfolio businesses accordingly. For non-core businesses, we formulate exit strategies to ensure a streamlined portfolio and generate funds for investments in businesses with the highest strategic potential.

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