Robust Organizations

Robust Organizations

Robustness has become the prerequisite for success and endurance – we leverage our global network of robustness experts

Our experts / why working with us

As a consulting firm, we work side by side with our clients to support them through challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we have developed expertise and proprietary solutions in all the dimensions impacting robustness: from strategy to organization, from finance to technology, from leadership to ecosystem positioning.

Contact our experts to discuss how your organization can become more robust.

Topic Leadership
Portrait of Ina Wietheger
Senior Partner
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe
+49 69 29924-6191
Global network
Portrait of Michel Vlasselaer
Brussels Office, Western Europe
+32 2 6610-326
Eastern Asia
Portrait of Denis Depoux
Senior Partner, Global Managing Director, Managing Partner China
Shanghai Office, Greater China
+86 21 2203-7861
Portrait of Alain Chagnaud
Senior Partner
Paris Office, Western Europe
+33 1 5367-0464
Portrait of Fabian Huhle
Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe
+49 89 9230-8486
Portrait of Andreas Stocker
Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe
+49 89 9230-8506
Portrait of Steffen Gackstatter
Stuttgart Office, Central Europe
+49 160 744-7337
Portrait of Ulrich Kleipaß
Berlin Office, Central Europe
+49 30 39927-3410
Portrait of Constanze Schweinsteiger
Berlin Office, Central Europe
+49 30 39927-3470
Middle East
Portrait of Sassan Hatam
Dubai Office, Middle East
+971 4 364 5300
Portrait of Viktoriya Bondarets
Kyiv Office, Eastern Europe
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