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Change drivers in the automotive industry

Portrait of Marcus Berret
Senior Partner, Global Managing Director
Stuttgart Office, Central Europe
September 5, 2017

Which markets provide the best conditions for the transformation towards new mobility concepts? What can decision makers do to best manage disruption in the current industry climate?

These are the main questions our Automotive Disruption Index answers.

To do so, our experts look at 27 select indicators that have been measured on a factual basis, including interviews with over 11,000 end users.

All indicators are analyzed across 11 countries, providing context for determining in which markets the transition is accelerating.

The second issue of the Radar, released in September, 2017, finds Asian countries like Singapore, China, and South Korea speeding up their activities. Meanwhile, mature Western markets – and German OEMs in particular – are busy protecting themselves as they manage the "dieselgate" and NOx emissions crisis.

Have major Western European markets already lost the race?

In its newest edition, the Automotive Disruption Radar has named the Netherlands as the leading country for introducing autonomous vehicles. The only major automotive market to rank was China at no. 2, while other key markets are at best in the midfield.

  1. Customer interest: Do people want autonomous vehicles and to what extent?
  2. Regulation: What are the regulatory conditions?
  3. Infrastructure: How developed is the infrastructure for autonomous vehicles?
  4. Technology: How far developed is the technology for autonomous driving?
  5. Industry activities: Which solutions have been announced or already exist?

Especially with respect to regulation of autonomous vehicles, countries are quickly making significant progress in providing a legal framework for testing the new technology on public roads.

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The breakthrough Automotive Disruption Radar analyzes 27 selected indicators across five dimensions in the world's most interesting automotive markets:

Autonomous mobility services are sure to be "the next big thing" in the automotive industry, and the race is on: markets that have strong customer demand, low regulatory hurdles, general technology readiness, and sufficient infrastructure will take the lead. There is a chance that China will become a leader in autonomous driving.

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Change drivers in the automotive industry


Which markets provide the best conditions for the transformation towards new mobility concepts?

Published September 2017. Available in
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