Fast help for banks in the crisis

Fast help for banks in the crisis

June 4, 2020

Scenario-specific cost management with the Roland Berger Efficiency Booster

The Roland Berger Efficiency Booster helps quantify the impact of external factors on the banking business and derive specific measures for banks to take, especially in times of crisis and heightened uncertainty. It can be used on the P&L, the balance sheet and the operating model in equal measure.

The level of uncertainty around at the moment makes accurate forecasting impossible. To mitigate this, we employ a scenario-based approach within the Roland Berger Efficiency Booster. We model a range of scenarios to take account of different future developments and how they'll impact your bank's P&L, balance sheet and operating model, and quantify the resulting consequences. This enables us to identify where savings can be made. We then work with your team to validate the potential and derive specific measures to achieve it.

The Efficiency Booster is a tried-and-trusted method that combines Roland Berger's expertise in performance improvement projects with our experience in financial services .

Modular structure permits an individualized approach

The Roland Berger Efficiency Booster is modular in design. This has proven very useful in practice as a way of adapting the method to the individual situation faced by each bank and allowing us to put together a customized package.

  • Module 1a: Define the relevant scenario for your institution and determine your cost base as well as the level of ambition for savings
  • Module 1b: Identify specific approaches to take and cost reduction measures to implement, as well as quick wins that can be realized immediately
  • Module 2: Consolidate, validate and substantiate the approaches and measures
  • Module 3: Detail the measures and define a roadmap for implementation, including action owners

Modules can be selected individually. If you find yourself at a very early stage where you're still unable to gauge the effects of a crisis on your business, you should start with both parts of module 1. This gives you the advantage of a coordinated and structured approach, which is of the utmost importance especially in a crisis. Module 1a will provide you with a scenario tailored to your specific situation. With the addition of module 1b, you will be ready to act within just four weeks. Modules 2 and 3 validate the efficiency potential and detail the defined measures. A roadmap to implementation is also drawn up and efficiency tools specially developed by Roland Berger can start to be applied. If you have already developed measures yourself, you can get straight on with module 3.

How the Roland Berger Efficiency Booster adds value

The Roland Berger Efficiency Booster is a standardized, tried-and-trusted method that integrates your bank-specific data with ease and produces results fast using a proven set of tools. After just two weeks, you will have a clear view of the impact of current developments on your institution. Within a further two weeks, the specific areas where action needs to be taken in order to achieve efficiency potential will have been identified and implementation can begin.

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