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Financial Performance of the Top 50 Insurers in Asian markets

November 2, 2020

Generally speaking, Asia is still a market full of differentiation and the insurance penetration rate in China's non-life insurance market significantly grew.

In the "Asian Top 50" ranking, mainland China has the largest number of insurance companies with 12 insurers, and continues to occupy the top 3 positions (in terms of total premium income).

The average return on equity of mainland Chinese insurance companies exceeds that of Japanese and Korean peers (13% vs. 6% Japan and 5% Korea).

Affected by the impact of the epidemic, in the first half of 2020, most of the insurance market in Asia has seen a significant decline in premium income, while life insurance (calculated by new business premium income) and non-life insurance (calculated by total premium income) in the Chinese market remained positive.

Regarding M&A transaction volume and P/E ratio in the insurance market, the Chinese market is still a hot spot for M&A investment (number and size of deals, PE multiples). Major insurance companies are increasing their investments in the developing Asian InsurTech network.

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Financial Performance of the Top 50 Insurers in Asian markets


The new "Asian Insurance Market Report" by Roland Berger has been released. This study of the "Financial Performance of the Top 50 Insurers in Asian markets" covers the overall trend of the Asian insurance market, examining the core performance indicators of the Top 50 insurers, comparing performance by insurers' types and analyzing M&A trends in the industry while sharing Roland Berger's perspectives.

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