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Gemba-power: Key to Success in Emerging Markets

December 23, 2014
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In this study, Indonesia is utilized as the focal example in considering the issue of raising Gemba-power in the world’s newly emerging markets.

1. Why turn the focus to Gemba-power at this time?

  • On the macro level, the need for enhanced productivity has been pointed out for more than 20 years.
  • The current environment of “stagnant growth,” “intensified competition” and “heightened complexity” underscores that there is no time to waste in improving productivity levels.

2. Why is raising Gemba-power so difficult in emerging markets?

  • The absence of role models to target and the know-how necessary to proceed.
  • The difficulties in cultivating competent personnel characteristically encountered in newly emerging countries.

3. What have companies successful in raising Gemba-power in emerging markets done right?

  • The adoption of meticulous approaches to operation fundamentals.
  • The maintaining of market-average benchmarks.
  • Relentless execution and retention.

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Hiyaku No.6 : Raising Gemba-power holds the key to success in emerging markets


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