Portrait of Claire, Partner

Claire, Partner


  • Master's degrees from HEC Paris and Sciences-Po Paris
  • Bachelor's degree from McGill University
  • Focus on energy transition and sustainability strategy topics for corporates and investment funds

"Diversity (gender, culture, education, …) and performance go hand in hand. By setting up teams with diversified profiles, we bring innovative and impactful solutions to our clients."


What would you recommend to other women for their entry into management consulting?
Take on the challenge of entering into management consulting! You will benefit from high client exposure and a steep learning curve. It will really accelerate your career.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Get organized! That will be the most efficient way of striking the right work-life balance for you.

How have you developed personally at Roland Berger?
Roland Berger provides extraordinary support for its consultants' development: great on-the-job training thanks to its high-performing teams; multiple dedicated training opportunities to strengthen both hard and soft skills; a mentorship system that provides guidance and challenge along your development path at Roland Berger.

Why did you decide to pursue a career at Roland Berger?
Roland Berger combines a unique set of advantages that is very attractive to me: international reach, large clients and a challenger mindset giving each of us the ability to have an impact early on, both on projects and for the firm.

What advantages do you see as a woman in consulting?
Consulting offers flexibility and predictability. This was especially key when returning from maternity leave. Flexibility as I was able to organize my work to be compatible with my family life. Predictability because I knew the environment I was coming back to, project work, and not to a team that may have gone through reorganization processes, as can be the case in the industry.

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