Be parents.



  • Master’s degree in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management at Delft University of Technology
  • Worked at Roland Berger from 2011 until 2014 as a Senior Consultant, rejoined in November 2022 at Principal level
  • Focus on sustainability related projects
  • Hobbies: Sports, nature, theatre

"I greatly appreciate the genuine interest shown in my family, my personal well-being, and finding the right balance between family and work."


How many kids do you have and how old are they?
I am the lucky mother of three wonderful kids: Yara is 6, Mees is 4, and Lotte is 2 at the moment.

How do you (and your family) organize childcare?
Nick and I have set the goal to be available for our children while also pursuing our ambitious career paths, so we have implemented a broad support system. Personally, I work 80% and spend my Wednesdays with the kids. My mother-in-law is very keen to be part of her grandchildren's lives and comes to our home once a week. Since roughly a year, we have had an au pair living with us who can take care of our children after school hours on the other days of the week. The au pair program in the Netherlands is aimed at cultural exchange, and in return for board and lodging, a generous allowance, as well as Dutch language lessons, the au pair helps in our household. We currently have a 25-year-old girl from Argentina living with us, and the kids love Virginia! This provides us with a lot of flexibility, which other daycare options usually don't offer. My parents are also a great support in case something doesn't go as planned and are happy to pick up Yara, Mees, and Lotte for the occasional sleepover.

What does an average working day look like for you as a parent?
I usually start my day at 6 AM, when I take some time for myself: I go for a run or practice yoga (or I hit the snooze button…). After getting myself ready, I wake up the kids and prepare breakfast together with my husband, Nick. We eat breakfast together, after which either I or my husband drops off the kids at school/kindergarten. Then, I either drive to the office/client site or cycle back home to work from home for the day. I aim to be back home around 6 PM so I can spend some quality time with my family. On some days, I catch up on work in the evening.

How do your teammates support you in combining work and family?
My team, as well as my superiors, have been very supportive of my day off on Wednesday. I receive hardly any calls/messages, and critical meetings are always planned on the other days of the week. I also greatly appreciate the genuine interest shown in my family, my personal well-being, and finding the right balance between family and work.

Which games do you like to play with your kids the most?
I love taking the kids on small adventures, usually with our "bakfiets" (a big electric bicycle that can fit 3 kids easily), for instance, exploring new playgrounds and venturing off into nature. In the forest, we love playing hide-and-seek, but I also love taking the time to follow their interests/path.

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