Portrait of Sara Barada

Sara Barada

Abu Dhabi Office, Middle East
+971 4 446-4080

Sara Barada is a Partner based in Dubai and Roland Berger’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Lead in the Middle East. She has over 15 years of experience in the GCC/Middle East and the US, most of which are in healthcare consulting. She advises regulators, providers, and public payors in the region on their reform agendas and leads transformation programs, focusing on health financing and health system and organization design and restructuring.

Sara shapes healthcare and public health policy and builds capability development/improvement programs that help her clients shift towards value-based health regulatory, funding and delivery systems.

Sara holds a master's in health administration, specializing in health policy and management, from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States.

" Health ecosystems’ mission is to maximize people’s healthy years of life, with the resources available. There are tremendous opportunities to partner with regulators, providers, payors, life sciences organizations as well as the patients themselves, to deliver better value for all. "

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