Under Pressure
Sailing on uncharted waters

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Sailing on uncharted waters

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Think:Act Magazine
Central Europe
9 april 2020

As businesses navigate choppy waters, how should they rethink growth?

Long-accepted ideas regarding growth and progress are being threatened by known and unknown risks in the environment, such as the latest coronavirus crisis. Digital transformation, climate change and sustainability are redefining how we measure success. Add stakeholder expectations rooted in traditional economic thinking and it can start to feel like walking a tightrope. In this issue of Think:Act, we look at how organizations can hone smart growth strategies and take graceful strides towards meeting the pressures of a new era.

Highlights from Think:Act “Rethinking growth”

Make a strong start into the coming decade by sharpening your view on the latest innovations, challenges and ideas that are poised to change the way we look at growth.

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    • Gary Hamel: why bureaucracy must die
    • How W. L. Gore grew small
    • The desire for economic growth from an evolutionary perspective
    • Changing the way we measure growth
    • FC Barcelona: the Silicon Valley of sports technology
    • Roger Martin on integrative thinking
    • New growth based on old roots at Marimekko
    • Marketing guru Philip Kotler on how to reach your audience

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Portrait of Think:Act Magazine
Think:Act Magazine
Central Europe