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to the website of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, a top player in the premier league of international consultancies. We serve top clients on challenging assignments in the global market.

Consolidation in Vehicle Electronic Architectures
Jul 24, 2015

All major automotive trends today are largely enabled by advanced electronics systems. But OEMs will not be able to keep up with consumer's expectations, if they continue to add Electronic Control Units every time they want to add a new feature  >>

Bernhard Langefeld talking about additive manufacturing in front of EU policy makers (Foto: Franc Coenen)
Jul 20, 2015

At a conference for members of the EU Parliament in Brussels, Roland Berger Partner Bernhard Langefeld provided the keynote speech on the opportunities and challenges of additive manufacturing  >>

Jul 13, 2015

Europe and the EU must gear up for the challenges of a new era. We need Europe 4.0! The following five proposals indicate how the EU can master the digital transformation  >>