Be yourself.

Ernest, Consultant


  • Bachelor's degrees in Natural Sciences, St. John's College, University of Cambridge
  • Joined the London office of Roland Berger in September 2017
  • Interests and hobbies: Running, travel, politics, science and technology

"At Roland Berger, no two projects are the same. There is always something new to learn on every project. The intellectual challenge of understanding a market, analyzing competitors and trends, then presenting findings in a coherent manner is what makes the job interesting."


Why Roland Berger?
I decided to join Roland Berger after graduation because of its excellent reputation and the positive experience I had while interacting with consultants from Roland Berger at the Cambridge Careers Fair. Since I joined Roland Berger, the interesting projects, wide variety of clients, and above all the highly intelligent colleagues continue to keep me engaged with my job.

What can you expect from Roland Berger?
Graduates start work immediately after induction. At the start, graduates are usually given specific slides to populate but very soon, they will be expected to be responsible for an entire section of a presentation deck. Although there is formal training on strategy, programming and conducting workshops, most of the learning comes on the job. Everyone, including junior colleagues, is always encouraged to be proactive and express their views. This means graduates can make an impact on client projects right from the start.

What is it like to be out at Roland Berger?
I am fortunate that I never had to hide my true self, nor did I have a "coming out moment" at any point at Roland Berger. I have never perceived myself to have been treated differently because of my sexual orientation. Nevertheless, I understand that not everyone may feel this way and that is why we have an LGBTQ+ network, Just be, to create a safe space for all LGBTQ+ colleagues, especially those who are still in the closet. In addition, the firm is now taking diversity (including LGBTQ+) more seriously than ever, and I believe in time more LGBTQ+ colleagues will not feel the need to hide their identity at work.

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