Portrait of Eesha Nayak

Eesha Nayak

Amsterdam Office, Western Europe
+31 20 7960-600

Eesha Nayak is a Principal in our Amsterdam office. She specializes in growth and corporate strategy, and enjoys solving complex challenges around market entry, capability roadmap design & implementation, M&A, go-to-market strategy and business/operating model innovation in collaboration with clients. She enjoys working together with clients across every layer of the organization to create value through innovative solutions, built upon a foundation of deep insight, expertise and trust.

Eesha's educational background further strengthens her professional capabilities. She holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Indian School of Business, specializing in Finance & Strategy. This combination of technical knowledge and business acumen allows Eesha to approach challenges from a holistic perspective, considering both operational and strategic aspects.

Beyond her professional achievements, Eesha is known for her strong work ethic, analytical mindset, and effective communication skills. She is dedicated to delivering high-quality results and building long-lasting relationships with her clients. Her deep industry knowledge and insights make her a trusted advisor and a respected professional in her field.

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