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Mastering the Digital Revolution in business

"The fact that AI can help to eliminate disruptions during production and sources of defects in machines more quickly should convince more and more companies to use it."
Portrait of Stefan Schaible
Senior Partner, Global Managing Partner
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe

In the midst of the Digital Revolution, rapid technological change offers seemingly endless possibilities. At the same time, previously successful business models are threatened, and many companies are at a crossroads.

Roland Berger enables corporations to define their digital purpose and achieve a shift towards new business models, while tapping into new revenue pools. With more than 400 experts across 14 economic branches, Roland Berger leverages an effective network of more than 90 technology partners within its Terra Numerata™ ecosystem.

Instead of binding clients with end-to-end solutions this network approach is a unique competitive approach in the consulting sector.

Roland Berger Digital acts provider-independently and thus neutrally when selecting technology partners for the customers. With our restructuring competence we make digital transformation measurable directly in the P&L.

"Digital transformation is like conquering a summit for the first time."
Portrait of Jochen Ditsche
Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe

Digitalization Expertise: New strategic options

Is your company prepared to face digital disruption? There can be no alternative to digital transformation – visionary companies will secure new strategic options, while those that refuse to adapt will fail.

Roland Berger's Digital Competence Center helps top level executives decipher relevant digital topics, while equipping them with the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in the digital world.

Our experts inspire and drive the transformation of an organization's cultural perspectives, through the mastering of new cross-functional working methodologies and encouraging openness, collaboration and rapid working.

"Terra Numerata creates an ecosystem of 100 start-ups that add innovative value to the services we offer to our clients worldwide"
Portrait of Axelle Lemaire
Partner, Global Head of Terra Numerata
Paris Office, Western Europe

Terra Numerata - Uniting the best of different worlds

Launched in 2014, Terra Numerata is our inhouse open innovation initiative. Its mission is to combine the smartest brains of the new economy with Roland Berger's international expertise and extensive knowledge of end markets to offer our clients the chance to seize every opportunity and stay ahead of the game.

Its 100+ partners including start-ups, technology providers, data science specialists, design thinking agencies and many more. This global network is composed of the best-in-class digital players, carefully curated by a dedicated team to offer a wide variety of digital services and leverage strengths for digital transformation and growth strategy. These partners are selected on geographical criteria, technological competencies of their internal teams, international track record and the quality of their service offerings.

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Our Digital Hubs bring corporates, start-ups, technologists, experts and consultants together.

Roland Berger's Digital Hubs - From Paris to Berlin

Innovation needs space and physical presence. Roland Berger Paris Digital Hub enables inspiration through events, exchange and access to a creative community and a change of scenery.

With Tech Ventures our ambition is to provide entrepreneurs and corporations with holistic tech business developments - from innovation and venturing, to deployment and scaling.

Since 2016, Roland Berger has teamed up with Visa Inc. in Berlin to operate Spielfeld Digital Hub. Here, curated co-working spaces see corporates and start-ups sitting side-by-side, creating an inspiring atmosphere and fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The hubs are cross-industry platforms for corporate innovation. Away from existing routines and structures, they offer companies the opportunity to select and apply perfect custom fit implementation formats. For start-ups, the hubs provide ideal access to companies and decision-makers - especially through their involvement in ongoing projects.

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