Sustainability consulting

Sustainability consulting

Leverage our global network of sustainability and climate action experts

At Roland Berger, our sustainability and climate action experts help decision makers radically improve their organization's short and long-term environmental impact and strategy. Our cross-disciplinary teams provide expert consulting services to management, backed up with the support of our global network of sustainability experts.

As a company we have developed science-based solutions and data-driven expertise in all areas of sustainability consulting. Our corporate advisory services cover a wide range of climate-related topics, including climate performance improvement, climate resilience, ESG, climate investment initiatives, decarbonization projects, stakeholder engagement strategies, renewable energy management, sustainable development projects, emission (GHG) reductions, securing competitive advantage, realizing sustainability goals and implementing circularity strategies. Whatever your needs and whatever your sustainability project, we can provide the expertise you need to ensure swift progress on the road to net zero.

Contact our consulting experts to discuss how you can best tackle climate change and sustainability challenges and ensure the successful transformation of your organization.

Sustainability & Climate Action Leadership
Portrait of David Frans
Senior Partner
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe
+31 20 7960-600
Portrait of Yvonne Ruf
Senior Partner
Dusseldorf Office, Central Europe
Worldwide Sustainability & Climate Action Network
Middle East
Portrait of Hani Tohme
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Middle East
Abu Dhabi Office, Middle East
+971 4 446-4080
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