Portrait of Emmanuel Fages

Emmanuel Fages

Senior Partner
Paris Office, Western Europe
+33 1 5367-0390

Emmanuel is a Senior Partner in the Roland Berger Paris office. He has worked for over 20 years in the energy sector, in different environments such as utilities, financial energy markets and strategy consulting. Emmanuel is knowledgeable in every part of the energy value chain, from resource exploitation to energy services, through equipment manufacturing, and power generation. In the context of formidable changes at work in the industry, driven by the rapid improvement of decentralized generation economics and the penetration of digital, he helps his clients adapt their business models as well as identify new opportunities, as historic sources of value and industrial organization paradigms are shattered. Throughout his career, Emmanuel has authored many research papers and spoke at a large number of high-level conferences. He regularly appears in the specialized and generalist press.

Emmanuel graduated from ESSEC with an MBA and holds a PhD in Economics.

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