the Original You.

Be the Original You.

Be one of us.

Meet your future colleagues

By joining Roland Berger, you choose an employer who values diversity. Great ideas and new perspectives are inspired by diverse teams from a variety of backgrounds, enriching us with new insights, interests and ways of looking at things. People with diverse talent, nationalities, genders, religious or sexual orientations are key for our success.

That's why we want you, for the real you in you.
Be authentic. Be yourself.

Be the Original You.

Meet our colleagues
It's about you.

What are you going to do next?
Be like your mom and dad or never anything close to that?
Be a suit-wearing business guy or hell, no, never ever be one of them?
Be someone who listens to the 'be this or be that'?
Or just blow them away and do your own thing, making your own ideas work?
From day one.

At Roland Berger, we know that you see things differently.
And guess what? That's exactly what we are looking for.
We know that you are ready for the world.
Is the world ready for you? Find it out. Give it a shot.

With an employer that actually wants you, for the real you in you. A company full of people that believes in the power of your original personality.
Not a copy. Not a number. Not a replay.

Be the Original You.

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