Portrait of Steffen Thiel

Steffen Thiel

Dusseldorf Office, Central Europe
+49 211 4389-2242

Steffen Thiel is a Partner at Roland Berger with a robust expertise in marketing, business optimization, and manufacturing. Steffen started his career 2005 with a leading accounting organization in London before moving to Switzerland in 2008 to join a management center in St. Gallen. Since 2010 and prior to joining RB, Steffen was an Associate Partner with a major marketing and sales consultancy.

In his 15 years of consulting experience, Steffen has built up extensive knowledge around marketing & sales, mainly focusing on developing growth strategies and supporting clients in designing their digital and omnichannel marketing and sales strategies. In addition, he also managed various projects dealing with brand and product portfolio optimization as well as salesforce effectiveness. Besides various FMCG clients, Steffen also worked extensively for European manufacturing companies across various industries and has significant expertise in B2B sales and marketing.

Steffen graduated from Warwick Business School with an MA in organizational behavior. He has lived and worked in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and throughout the middle east.

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