Portrait of Olga Talanova

Olga Talanova

Zurich Office, Central Europe
+41 79 808-8607

Olga is an expert in the retail and consumer goods sector, focusing on end-to-end fresh excellence, supply chain and logistics, store operations, purchasing and supplier management, category management, pricing and promotions.

Olga's approach is based on analytics; however, she also brings machine learning and AI functional capabilities into her projects which has proven to deliver impact in numerous client projects. Olga is passionate about connecting solid data foundations with business decisions, both on strategic and daily operational levels.

Olga is also experienced in the disruption of the consumer goods and retail sector, where she advises corporate clients and investors on digital transformation, ecommerce and marketplaces, and modern consumer trends. She works with the clients on strategic and operational endeavours.

Olga joined Roland Berger in 2019 and is a Partner in the London office and moved to the Zurich office in 2022. She started her career at a research think-tank while studying, leading her to joining a boutique consulting company focused on advanced analytics, before moving to a leading management consulting company.

Olga holds a MA degree in Economics specialising in Finance and a BA degree in Economics specialising in Mathematical Methods.

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