Portrait of Thomas Kirschstein

Thomas Kirschstein

Berlin Office, Central Europe
+49 30 39927-3557

Thomas Kirschstein is an expert in electronics, semiconductors, Industry 4.0, and digitalization. He has more than 10 years of consulting experience globally.

As a member of our Industrial Goods and Services team, he focusses on strategy, internationalization, R&D, M&A, and digitalization.

Thomas is always on the edge of innovation in electronics, e.g. by building a high-end computing workstation component-by-component on his own. As an expert in disruption and technological innovation, he uses this hands-on experience to provide clients with highly relevant insights relevant to their business.

Having advised clients in America, Asia, Australia and Europe, a truly global reach is a key element of Thomas' work. The focus of his current work is on high-tech industries, such as business- and consumer electronics, power electronics, sensors and automotive.

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