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Most companies – from large conglomerates to SMEs – face a wide set of challenges posed by rapid changes in the VUCA world and strategic questions arising out of the digital transformation or a changed market. By the time a business is in a crisis or special situation, it will be plain to see whether or not management took the right steps to achieve a substantially advantageous position in the market and against industry peers and actually managed to improve the performance and profitability of their enterprise long term. That is because economic downturns, intensified competition, or shifts in the market magnify any internal inefficiencies and strategic risks that may have gone unaddressed. The ability to achieve continuous performance improvement regardless of the ups and downs of the classical business cycle is thus what separates the winners from the losers.

Given the dynamic nature of our VUCA world, we advise clients not to leave performance improvements and efficiency gains until crisis strikes, but to invest in growth areas while the sun shines and establish a permanent culture of performance in their organization. Every management team, every executive must be conscious of the fact that the market forces every company to continually review their business strategy and target operating model in order to compete with their industry peers. Performance improvement is thus a constant necessity and not an end in itself.

Our integrated approach covers all aspects of maximizing operational performance: from strategy and business model to cost structures and business processes (in overhead, operations, and finance functions) to implementation support for transformational and transactional challenges such as performance culture and agility. We help companies improve their profitability in any stage of the business cycle and permanently increase the value of their company. For our clients, we conduct a systematic assessment of where they are right now and develop a tailor-made program to ensure their business success going forward.

Our P&L-driven performance improvement approach keeps all KPIs and their main drivers in focus at all times. The method enables our clients to tap new revenue sources and achieve significant cost savings across all areas of their company by increasing revenue development through a consistent customer focus and by identifying digitalization and automation potential, improving the organizational structure, and, last but not least, reducing SG&A costs.

We have a long track record of successful performance improvement programs and corporate transformations. Our teams work with SMEs and multinationals alike – always in a spirit of trust and cooperation. We make your company's problem our own and offer advice and support to increase the performance and efficiency of your organization in the best way possible. Performance improvement is not just a consulting tool for us, it is in our blood. It is the basis on which we ourselves have been able to survive and thrive in the market as an agile company over the past 50 years.

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