Transportation, Tourism and Logistics

Transportation, Tourism and Logistics

If you're in the business of moving goods and people around the world, you’re facing pressure on several fronts. In response, we offer a twofold approach to your challenges: Nine topical solutions on the one hand, and industry specific know-how on the other.

This is an exciting time for the transportation industry. Globalization and trade are increasing, and novel mobility scenarios are evolving from new technologies and market entrants. At the same time, a growing focus on sustainability and environmental impact has placed new restrictions on how transportation players operate.

At Roland Berger, we understand that these fundamental changes have left numerous firms on shaky ground. Many are unsure how to balance short-term demands with long-term strategy. We help our customers to navigate complexity in the transportation industry. Our projects cover the entire value chain and each phase of the corporate life cycle — transformation, growth, and performance — as well as placing a special focus on digitalization. Our expertise covers the full range of mobility and logistics industries. We are a global team consulting the world's leading companies in the fields of airlines, airports, rail, public transport, urban mobility, shipping, ports, logistics, postal, travel and tourism.

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Industry specific solutions

The aviation industry of today bears little resemblance to that of decades past. Competition within airlines has intensified, blurring the lines between legacy carriers and low-cost carriers, necessitating a transformation to ensure survival. Airports , too, have undergone significant shifts in their business models, evolving into multifaceted entities encompassing retail, real estate, and IT services, in addition to serving as airline hubs. Sustainability has emerged as a pivotal concern, poised to shape the future of aviation. Urban and regional air mobility is on the rise. The MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) sector, whether integrated within airlines or operating independently, is poised for dramatic transformation in the coming years.

Changes in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) business models, especially among engine manufacturers, along with the introduction of modern aircraft and challenges related to skilled personnel and overhaul capacity present unprecedented opportunities for industry players. Suppliers across various sectors, such as IT providers, navigation services, and ground handlers, and aerospace OEM face distinct challenges, including a shortage of qualified personnel, emerging competitors, diminishing monopolies, and evolving IT infrastructure. The aviation industry stands on the cusp of a new era, with transformational processes weaving through every segment.

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Closely intertwined with the global economic and trade environment, logistics has become the backbone of global supply chains. We understand the tendency towards shorter contracts, and we know how to tackle uncertainty about the future of standard demand in a digital economy.

With our global perspective and experience, we advise with a strategic focus on value-adding market segments in light of two trends. These include the transition from commodity services toward specific industries requiring specialized logistics, and a move from B2B toward B2C transactions. Keeping this in mind, we can help to optimize processes and networks, extending to growth, organization, and asset or business model reviews.


Postal incumbents need to respond to three major challenges: liberalization, decline in traditional mail volume, and regulatory pressure. While competition grows stiffer, e-substitution entails a decline in mail volumes or global stagnation, and regulation constrains postal price flexibility.

Diversification along the postal value chain around the world is just one way to deal with this challenging business environment; comprehensive cost reduction and performance improvement programs are further entrepreneurial solutions that we have tried and tested.

Rail & mobility

Competition in the rail industry has been increasing steadily due to both the opening of international markets and new entrants. With the competition intensifying, rail operators are faced with a unique double challenge: reducing costs, while at the same time making their offers more attractive. In addition, mobility providers have to deliver their services as an integral part of increasingly intermodal mobility as well as a smooth, seamless operation. For the rail industry, this means playing a new game.

Roland Berger is uniquely qualified to support our clients' repositioning goals. We help identify cost-cutting potential that won’t compromise safety, service, or your reputation.

Shipping & ports

As one of the key facilitators of international trade, the shipping and ports sector is particularly vulnerable to bumps in the world economy. Profitability has come under pressure — there are huge tasks ahead in the shipping market, while ports face planning, development, and productivity challenges. What's more, regulations on port development differ significantly from one country to the next. Global port firms must navigate an extremely complex and often unpredictable system of restrictions.

We have a deep understanding of the shipping value chain. We are experts in the operation and management of port facilities and shipping companies, with detailed local knowledge in all parts of the world. We know how the regulatory environment differs in each country. From strategy audits to the implementation of cost saving initiatives, from acquisition strategy support to post-merger-integration, from market analyses to due diligence, we can develop a strategy that delivers both global perspective and local nuance.


The market is characterized by weak demand due to low freight and charter rates, as well as prevailing overcapacities, which result in lower order books, ship order cancellations, and underutilized shipyard facilities. Further restructuring, contraction, and consolidation can be expected in the shipbuilding landscape. Players now need to safeguard their market position by focusing on operational excellence and efficiency, or focusing on very specific niche segments.

We have been involved in shaping and advancing the shipbuilding industry since our company was founded, assisting in developing CEO-agendas with regard to growth strategies, market entry strategies, and business model reviews. We help our clients steer their companies safely through 'rough seas'.


More than 50 percent of hotel bookings are already made through digital channels — platforms are calling the shots in online sales and new providers are storming the market. The travel and tourism industry has been transformed by "disintermediation" and "re-intermediation". This means that tourism service providers are trying to approach their customers directly. At the same time, new and more dynamic modes of packaging and selling have been developed, partially replacing tour operators' business - a twofold paradox.

At Roland Berger, we have developed tourism strategies at national, regional, and local levels, and we know how to set up and implement growth strategies as well as initiate innovative business models. We have successfully advised the hospitality business, tour operators, travel agents, associations, and entertainment companies, and we invite clients to benefit from our unique transportation value proposition and a modern digital approach.

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