Hannover Messe 2024: Energizing a sustainable industry

Hannover Messe 2024: Energizing a sustainable industry

April 5, 2024

Hannover Messe is the place for courageous leaders. We help them make the right forward-looking decisions

At Hannover Messe, a comprehensive ecosystem of leading global companies will converge to showcase their latest technologies and solutions, all aimed at challenging the status quo and energizing a sustainable industry. Centering AI & Machine Learning, carbon-neural production, energy, industry 4-0 and hydrogen, the show elevates the opportunities and challenges for an industry in transformation.

Industrials and manufacturing are seeing significant advancements and transformation toward sustainable practices. As companies navigate the complexities of today's industrial landscape with resilience and determination, sectors and functions ranging from R&D and engineering to automotive, energy, and electricals have witnessed groundbreaking innovations. These developments continually push the boundaries of technology and industry, demanding thought leaders with the courage to innovate and drive change. We empower companies to make bold, forward-looking decisions to optimize their strategies, encouraging them to energize their transformation.

"Courage in innovation isn't just a theoretical strategic exercise, it's a question of survival and future growth."
Portrait of Bernhard Langefeld
Senior Partner
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe

Courage to Automate & Accelerate

Technological advancement is a necessity, not just an option. The courage to adopt cutting-edge technologies like AI, quantum computing , and robotics distinguishes leaders. These innovations provide unique opportunities to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and forge new competitive advantages. For proactive companies, pursuing automation and acceleration is a strategic choice to redefine industry standards and achieve operational excellence. It's about making today's bold decisions that shape tomorrow's industrial landscape.

Courage to Adapt & Sustain

Today's global climate challenges require action, not just recognition. Companies are at a crucial juncture, where adopting sustainable practices is vital for long-term viability. The shift entails addressing climate impact, securing sustainable financing, and ethically sourcing resources. Yet, these challenges present opportunities to lead in sustainability, sparking innovations that both reduce environmental impact and enhance corporate resilience and reputation. It's an invitation to act boldly, using these challenges as stepping stones toward a sustainable, thriving future.

"The future belongs to leaders that balance a courageous vision with agility and scenario-based planning building a resilient organization."
Portrait of Sven Siepen
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Switzerland
Zurich Office, Central Europe

Courage to Lead

Leadership in today's industrial sector involves navigating a complex landscape of geopolitical tensions, workforce dynamics, and strategic planning. It requires the readiness to face these challenges directly, promoting a culture of agility and resilience. Scenario-based planning that anticipates and prepares for future trends is essential. Leaders must inspire a workforce that is adaptable, skilled, and aligned with the company's forward-looking vision. By embracing these challenges and opportunities, companies set themselves apart, establishing benchmarks in leadership excellence.

Our experts / why work with us

We connect clients with a global network of experts skilled in leveraging advanced technology to achieve positive outcomes, with deep knowledge of relevant markets and industries. From robotics and generative AI to quantum technology, energy transition, next-gen manufacturing, and operational excellence, Roland Berger identifies and explores the intersection where technology, economy, society, and sustainability merge seamlessly - through projects, but also through initiatives like the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award that showcases ome of today's most innovative manufacturing solutions.

With our deep industry insights, the possibilities are boundless. We assist companies in building the confidence to make bold, right decisions, unlocking value in a sustainable industry—one courageous decision at a time. With the courage to automate, accelerate, adapt, sustain, and lead, we pave the way for a sustainable future.

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Senior Partner, Global Managing Director
Stuttgart Office, Central Europe
Portrait of Sven Siepen
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Switzerland
Zurich Office, Central Europe
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