It's time to rethink AI

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It's time to rethink AI

May 15, 2024

It's time to rethink AI

Artificial intelligence is the transformative technology of our times. It promises to reshape the landscape of many facets of our life and work. Whether our focus is the boardroom and company strategies, workplace structure, processes and culture, society as a whole or, on ourselves as citizens, consumers and users, in this complex, data-rich and fast-paced era, we must all adapt quickly and keep abreast with new AI innovations.

Dig into expert insights and a variety of viewpoints on AI – all in the new issue of Think:Act Magazine. 

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Highlights from Think:Act “It's time to rethink AI”

Machines are learning fast, making the need for a clear and feasible AI strategy more urgent than ever before.

Get an all-round perspective from innovation experts, authors and activists who want us to either tighten the reins on AI – or let AI reign.

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  • Strategic dilemma: How can leaders leverage AI and regulate its usage?
  • Real-life memories: Amy Kurzweil’s tryst with AI
  • Mindset matters: Shaping attitudes with sports psychologist Bill Beswick
  • Assessing risks: Legal and security challenges of harnessing the power of AI

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