Portrait of Martin, Project Manager

Martin, Project Manager


  • Master's degree in Business & Management (M.Sc.) – Stockholm School of Economics
  • Master's degree in International Development – Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po, Paris)
  • Internships in consulting, start-ups and auditing
  • Interests and hobbies: cooking, music, wine

"At Roland Berger, we strive to live our values of empathy, excellence and entrepreneurship. Our LGBTQ+ networks Just be and Just be friends are a showcase of that. Every day my colleagues and I in these networks advance diversity at Roland Berger."


Why Roland Berger?
Before graduating from SSE, I had the opportunity to intern at Roland Berger in the area of Consumer Goods & Retail. During these first three months I had the pleasure of working with inspiring colleagues on a highly strategic project for one of the leading food wholesalers in Germany. Since joining Roland Berger, I have been able to follow my passion for retail and wholesale projects while getting to know some incredible new colleagues.

What makes Roland Berger special for me?
To put it in a nutshell: It is the people who make Roland Berger a truly unique place to work. Working intense hours on a project would only be half the experience if it was not for the colleagues one gets to work with. Supporting each other, growing together and learning from each other – my colleagues at Roland Berger are truly inspiring.

What is it like to be out at RB?
Joining Roland Berger after university was my first "real" full-time job. So, naturally, I was quite nervous about coming out at Roland Berger. However, it was the Just be network that gave me the support and reassurance I needed. In the end, all my colleagues at Roland Berger were supportive of me coming out. In fact, my then mentor even sent me a text to wish me a great time when I went off to attend the annual global assembly of Just be for the first time. All of us at Roland Berger truly strive for a workplace that is open and inspiring. Hence, it is no surprise to me that so many colleagues have joined Just be friends or that each year so many colleagues support the preparations for Pride@Roland Berger.

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