Operations consulting: We support you in all aspects of robust and competitive operations

Operational excellence translates your company's strategy into everyday operations. It is the crucial lever for achieving competitive edge – and keeping it. Our operations experts work in alignment with your strategy. Our consulting services reflect our profound expertise in operational excellence, digital technologies and the best practices that drive your company's success. Working closely with our industry experts, our consultants help you understand your industry's challenges as a means to improve your company's growth and profitability.

Our operations consulting teams specialize in the following clusters:

Innovation and Engineering

The Roland Berger Innovation & Engineering cluster is a global consulting team. Their objective is to make our clients leaders in technology and innovation. Our work with you starts by defining ambitious goals for your development and ensures your effectiveness by delivering creative ideas to fill the business, product and service pipeline. Our consultants then turn to the efficiency aspect and optimize your business with a view to all internal and external requirements for maximum performance. After this transformation, you will see a measurable increase in your return on investment in R&D and innovation.

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Procurement as we once knew it has had its day. Reducing costs is no longer the be all and end all. What businesses need to do now is create resilient supply chain networks and get important innovation topics like sustainability and digitalization embedded in the procurement function. Our consulting experts support you in transforming your procurement organization. Our experience offers your management the unique opportunity to establish procurement as a factor in your company's value creation and to focus more on strategic procurement. Your procurement function can then not only reduce the cost of products and services but actually drive value for your organization.

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Our production experts support manufacturing clients in transforming and optimizing their plant operations on three levels: production strategy, overall network design and plant performance management. The Production cluster and its operations consulting experts have extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. Our consulting team have a proven set of methods and tools at their disposal to identify improvement potential and help you realize it.

Besides possessing strong practical expertise in traditional levers such as Lean and Continuous Experience, consultants in the Production cluster publish regular thought leadership on advanced manufacturing technologies like Industry 4.0 , 3D printing and IoT based on their latest project experiences.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Our consultants in the Supply Chain Management & Logistics cluster support clients experiencing major changes in their end-to-end value chain. We translate the changes in markets, business models, ecosystems, regulations and technologies into sustainable strategies and tangible results. Our consulting support follows the Think:act philosophy and encompasses the entire SCOR model, from planning excellence (S&OP/IBP) to perfect delivery.

For us, supply chain management is not a corporate function like any other. It is the glue between functions, the enabler that ensures that the whole company is able to perform to the optimum. Supply chain management is currently experiencing a renaissance, evolving from a support function to a central management competency that every business must master.

Our consultants will support you in your efforts to establish best-in-class supply chain management & logistics as the key to further growth. The focus of our consulting support lies on balancing your business's global agility with strong resilience, sustainability, reliability, cost efficiency and digital business models.

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Our Service cluster guides you along the path to service excellence – whether you aim to establish service as one of the key profit-generating functions in your company or venture into new business models with X-as-a-Service or predictive maintenance. Find out how our operations consulting can help you stand out from your industry peers, retain customers long term and unlock new revenue potential.

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Operations Efficiency

Our Operational Excellence consultants support you in configuring the perfect operational processes for your business. We give you transparency about where your improvement potential lies by first screening all operational functions. Then our consultants define and prioritize areas where action should be taken and provide best practices and blueprints for leveraging the identified potential.

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A profound transformation is currently happening around quality. Fixed methods and rigid quality management systems are being replaced by smart and agile approaches that need to be embedded across the entire value chain. The concept of quality is changing rapidly on the customer side, too. With quality now a fixed part of the product experience and innovation cycles being so much shorter, clients need to reimagine the quality function and its capabilities. Taking these developments as an opportunity and keeping quality costs under control is not a contradiction in terms. Our consultants show you how it can be done.

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The only way to adequately address sustainability is by having all operational functions integrated and thought through in an orchestrated approach – from research and development to after sales and recycling. Our operations consulting experts can support your management in developing holistic ESG or sustainability strategies, either for the entire value chain or for individual functions such as procurement or supply chain governance.

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Post Merger Integration

Our Post Merger Integration (PMI) cluster helps clients manage the complexity of operations during M&A transactions. We help you generate value with your transactions. Our consulting services range from early feasibility studies and operational due diligence to Day 1 preparation and post-closing synergy validation and realization. Our consultants' expertise in the specifics of M&A processes and in all operational functions ensures that your operations contribute to the value of the M&A deal as planned.

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