Civil Economics

Civil Economics

Meeting public needs

From analysis to implementation

In our practice group Civil Economics, we work on major challenges we face as a society, and we support our public, private and non-governmental clients in addressing issues such as

  • finding answers to demographic changes and an ageing population,
  • dealing with migration,
  • developing digitalization strategies for states, regions, cities and governmental agencies,
  • transforming social security and health systems,
  • supporting the reform of labor market policies, and
  • making work and family life more compatible.

For governments and the public sector, the challenge is one of continuous development and adaptation to meet public needs. We meet this demand by combining rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis, intensive stakeholder interaction, and agile implementation support. Thus, we ensure high acceptance and implementability of our concepts and recommendations.

We work in a multi-disciplinary team. Our emphasis is on integrating expertise and experience from consultants with diverse educational backgrounds – such as economics and business administration, natural sciences, the arts, the social sciences and law.

Trend and economic analysis and public policy

We live in a world that is dominated by an increasing speed of change, some of which is drastic and unforeseen. We live in a "VUCA" world which is volatile and uncertain, but also complex and ambiguous. We can observe an increasing speed of change and need for adjustment, and sometimes drastic and unforeseen developments.

Our work on trends, economic analysis and on the support of policy development is based on this perspective and addresses them in particular study designs and in providing scenario analysis for complex situations

Social change and modernization strategies

New trends (e.g. demographic changes) require the adaptation of established systems and strategies to guarantee their sustainability. Therefore, governments and institutions are amending, renewing and revising their policies and processes. Roland Berger supports decision makers in reaching accurate analyses of current standpoints, and to develop strategies when it comes to agenda setting, fact based communication and effectively reaching specific target groups to initiate change.

Our experience has been won over many years through the successful implementation, evaluation and communication of important political reform projects. We are expert advisors and companions for your projects.

Migration and refugees

In Europe, unprecedented numbers of refugees have arrived in recent years, seeking safety and protection. Long before the current refugee crises, Roland Berger paid attention to the subject of migration and supported various government led integration initiatives.

Our expertise and knowledge has assisted European nations in successful policy making and effective governance. This includes timely processes, and daily efforts to clarify the government's viewpoint. For integration to be successful long-term, we believe in a holistic approach across all levels of government, industry and community.

Digitization and smart networks

Information and communication technologies are penetrating private and professional lives to an ever larger extent – and the public and NGO sectors need to adjust to this development.

Government bodies need to react in two ways: firstly in devising strategies on how to shape digitization from a national and regional perspective down to the city and community level. Secondly, in making sure that government institutions undergo necessary digital transformation.

We support our clients in both approaches: We help to shape and implement national and regional digitization strategies, for example with the "Smart networks approach" focusing on the digitization of key sectors such as education, healthcare, energy, transport, and public administration, or by developing adequate "Smart city" strategies. And we support government agencies in creating awareness for digital changes, in designing digitization approaches and in the implementation of digital solutions.

Strategic and organizational transformation

The public sector is constantly rewriting the book when it comes to new processes and tasks, i.e. the complex reorganization of unemployment benefits, and novel governance for the integration of migrants.

Here, our clients benefit from our decades of experience in the realization of large strategic and organizational transformation projects. We support our clients through the various phases of important reform projects. On the journey from strategic restructuring, through to the planning of organizational processes, as well as practical implementation, we are the right contact to have by your side through all phases of your project.

Stakeholder management

Early action guarantees the success of large projects, in-depth strategies and organizational restructuring. All too often, this action is undertaken when it is too late. Countless projects fail, or exceed budgets and time frames because the relevant interest groups are not engaged with early enough. This applies to big projects, as well as organizational restructuring: creative solutions that work.

Strategies for NGOs and foundations

The significance of non-governmental organizations, particularly charities, is growing. Large international foundations are becoming increasing involved in the public sector, where they assume responsibility and provide impetus for change. Here, the question of accountability arises.

We support non-governmental organizations and charities in negotiating their new roles. Together, we develop strategies for identifying topics and internal streamlining. We also support the development and implementation of new areas of activity.

Our many years of experience in the public sector have seen us support governments, local authorities and private sector organizations in the European Union and across the world. You will benefit from our networks and experience, as well as our expertise in the implementation of political programs and organizational transformation projects.

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We combine rigorous analysis with stakeholder interaction and agile implementation support.