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" Operational excellence is the key driver to achieve and maintain competitive advantage. "
Portrait of Jochen Gleisberg

Jochen Gleisberg

Senior Partner
Stuttgart Office, Central Europe
Worldwide Topic Network
Portrait of Gundula Pally
Partner, Managing Partner Austria
Vienna Office, Central Europe
+43 1 53602-200
Portrait of Michel Jacob
Senior Partner
Paris Office, Western Europe
+33 15 3670-936
Portrait of Philippe Jaspart

Philippe Jaspart

Paris Office, Western Europe
+33 17 092-8928
Portrait of Marcus Berret
Senior Partner, Global Managing Director
Stuttgart Office, Central Europe
Portrait of Carsten Bock
Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe
+49 711 3275-7223
Portrait of Sven Marlinghaus
Senior Advisor
Dusseldorf Office, Central Europe
South Korea
Portrait of Soosung Lee
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Korea
Seoul Office, Eastern Asia
+82 10 5775-4226
Portrait of Sven Siepen
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Switzerland
Zurich Office, Central Europe
+41 79 792-7374
United Arab Emirates
Portrait of René Seijger
Senior Partner, Supervisory Board Deputy Chairman, Middle East Chairman
Abu Dhabi Office, Middle East
United Kingdom
Portrait of Vasco Teixeira

Vasco Teixeira

London Office, Western Europe
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