Portrait of Vatche Kourkejian

Vatche Kourkejian

Senior Partner
Abu Dhabi Office, Middle East
+971 4 446-4080

Vatche Kourkeijan is a Senior Partner and the Head of the Energy & Industrials Practice for Middle East and Africa regions.

Vatche has been advising a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from government bodies and sovereign wealth funds to private sector participants, on topics covering multiple segments within the energy sector, including power, water, mid- and downstream oil & gas, as well as chemicals, energy equipment production, and metals & mining industries.

Vatche is recognized as thought leader in the of energy transition, having deep expertise in renewable energy development, low carbon hydrogen, e-fuels, grid transformation and digitalization in addition to value chains localization.

With over 18 years of experience, Vatche continues to drive transformative change in the energy landscape, providing invaluable insights and practical solutions for both established and emerging energy players.

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