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Fierce competition, new customer needs, legal reforms – the framework in the healthcare market is constantly changing. Our Healthcare Practice Group supports all players in seizing opportunities and mastering their challenges.

Besides the traditional consulting areas such as marketing, organization, cost cutting or M&A, we also provide input from our intensive analysis of current market trends and developments


In brief

Innovation in a dynamic market

  • Market growth and new customer needs

    Traditional healthcare is growing by 2-3% annually in the Western world. The privately funded "secondary healthcare market" is growing much faster. This is due to increasing healthcare needs that cannot be satisfied by existing offers.
  • Constantly changing framework

    Demographic developments and cost increases mean healthcare is subject to constant reforms. The market players must be able to quickly adjust to new circumstances.
  • Converging submarkets and changing roles of market players

    The healthcare market is becoming more and more integrated. The boundaries between statutory and private health insurance are becoming blurred; payors and providers are coming together in integrated healthcare provision and e-health; and the industry and health insurance companies are developing joint business models.
  • The pace of innovation

    Traditional healthcare products such as pharma, medical devices and biotechnology are converging in many areas, thereby offering completely new treatment options. The privately funded healthcare market is constantly coming up with new ideas and products: MP3 players are suddenly communicating with sneakers (cooperation of Apple with Nike), supermarkets are offering medical treatment (WalMart in the US), women's magazines are developing joint product lines with frozen food manufacturers.

Numerous and diverse projects mean we know all player types and take an integrated approach to viewing the healthcare market. Where appropriate, we bring the players together to collaborate and give them a competitive edge.

Our state-of-the-art projects in strategic realignment, profit boosting/cost cutting, marketing/sales, organization or M&A help make the healthcare market more innovative.

Further reading

Krankenhäuser in Deutschland

Studie, 2016

Die wirtschaftliche Lage der Krankenhäuser in Deutschland hat sich im letzten Jahr leicht verbessert. Allerdings konnten trotz gestiegener Umsätze immer noch 30 Prozent der Häuser keinen Jahresüberschuss erwirtschaften. …  >>

Krankenhäuser in Baden-Württemberg

Study, 2016

German only:
Die wirtschaftliche Lage der Krankenhäuser in Baden-Württemberg ist ernst. Mehr als die Hälfte schreibt rote Zahlen …  >>

Capturing the business of health


Indonesia is improving healthcare provision by developing a universal healthcare system for all citizens. The many positive aspects of this growing market are the subject of this study …  >>

Qualitätsorientierte Vergütung im Krankenhaussektor

Study (German only), 2015

Die wirtschaftliche Lage deutscher Krankenhäuser ist alarmierend: Kostendruck und gesetzliche Einsparmaßnahmen engen den finanziellen Spielraum immer weiter ein …  >>

Horizons for the ASEAN healthcare industry supported by the AEC

THINK ACT (Japanese only), 2015

This report examines the changes in the healthcare sector projected to occur on the strength of the ASEAN Economic Community …  >>

Digital transformation in the healthcare space

In MedTech there are new Industry 4.0 applications evolving. Digital data and increased connectivity are prerequisites for their success along the value chain …  >>

FLEX – More care at lower cost


Improving quality of long-term care in times of tightened healthcare budgets is only possible when you dare to think and act differently – lessons from the Netherlands …  >>


Study (German only), 2015

Unsere Krankenhaus Restrukturierungsstudie "Aktuelle Diagnose und Therapie der wirtschaftlichen Misere deutscher Krankenhäuser" ist das Ergebnis einer Befragung der Vorstände und Geschäftsführer der 400 größten deutschen Krankenhäuser, meist in öffentlich-rechtlicher Trägerschaft. …  >>

Shiten No. 104

THINK ACT (Japanese only), 2015

The essential nature of “digital health” - a mammoth market that remains largely opaque in terms of its actual commercial potential - is the topic of our latest Japanese THINK ACT …  >>

Fitnesskur für Schweizer Spitäler

THINK ACT (German only), 2014

The hospital environment in Switzerland is in pieces. Our new study shows how hospitals can manage mergers, ramp up construction projects, and improve sourcing and profitability …  >>

Samen beter – Hoe samenwerking kan bijdragen aan structureel betere zorg

THINK ACT (Dutch only), 2014

Cooperation between hospitals has many benefits but is often externally driven. We advocate cooperation which thinks beyond traditional structures and boundaries of a hospital …  >>

Entering China's private hospital segment


Private hospitals in China have proliferated rapidly in recent years. Read more about perspectives on opportunities, challenges and potential entry points in this THINK ACT …  >>

Hiyaku vol.3 – Indonesian Healthcare Industry

THINK ACT (Japanese only), 2014

Attention in the Indonesian health care industry is growing in leaps and bounds, fueled by the nation’s launch of universal health insurance against the backdrop of solid economic growth …  >>

Best-in-class Sachkostenmanagement für Krankenhäuser

Feature (in German only), 2014

Our best-in-class material cost management puts the purchasing department and hospital operators on an equal footing …  >>

Baustelle OP

Feature (in German only), 2014

Our approach to optimizing operating room procedures is based on the fit-for-the-future strategy and draws on the six main optimization areas …  >>

Verweildauerorientiertes Patientenmanagement

Feature (in German only), 2014

Our patient management according to length of stay optimizes processes from admission to discharge. The "patient manager" organizes bed occupancy …  >>

Fachkräftemangel im Gesundheitswesen

Study (German only), 2013

Fast 80 Prozent der deutschen Krankenhäuser leiden darunter, nicht genügend gut qualifizierte Fachkräfte im medizinischen Bereich zu finden …  >>

think: act CONTENT "Einweisermanagement in deutschen Kliniken"

think: act CONTENT (German only), 2013

Competition on the inpatient healthcare market is getting fiercer. German hospitals are under immense pressure to maximize their bed capacity utilization …  >>

think: act CONTENT "Fundraising"

think: act CONTENT (in German only), 2012

Together with the Deutscher Fundraising Verband, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants conducted a study on "Fundraising in German hospitals". The objective was to determine whether fundraising …  >>

The cross-industry significance of the secondary healthcare market

Speech held at the ISPO Munich 2012, 2012

At the ISPO Munich 2012, Karsten Neumann, leader of the practice group payors and politics , held a speech on the cross-industry significance of the secondary healthcare market …  >>

think: act CONTENT "Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement"

think: act CONTENT - available in German only, 2012

Occupational health is high on the agenda of employers, health insurance funds and governments. Employers must keep their ageing workforces healthy and start to view health programs as a way to improve their attractiveness as employers …  >>

Weltweite Gesundheitswirtschaft

Study (in German), 2011

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology commissioned Roland Berger Strategy Consultants to analyze the German and international healthcare markets …  >>

developments in the cost of materials and the importance of purchasing associations for hospitals

Study, 2011

Expenditure on health in Germany is rising steadily – up from EUR 212 billion in 2000 to around EUR 279 billion in 2010 …  >>

Präventionsstrategien für Krankenversicherungen

Speech (in German), 2011

At the 3rd health insurance day in Stuttgart, our Principal Karsten Neumann talked about prevention as a long-term approach for cost reduction in the health care system …  (PDF, 1748 KB)

Krankenkassen und Arbeitgeber im Betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement

Speech (in German), 2010

Joachim Kartte and Karsten Neumann held a speech at the German Federal Ministry of Health on the role of politics in corporate health management …  (PDF, 1969 KB)

Erfolg auf dem Gesundheitsmarkt

Study jointly with WKÖ (in German), 2010

Healthcare is a megatrend - understandig the characteristics is essential …  >>

Evolution of medicine

think: act CONTENT, 2010

A new think: act CONTENT says how diseases, medicine and health care are changing worldwide – and what we should do …  >>

Die Zukunft der Krankenhausfinanzierung in Deutschland

Study (in German), 2009

This study, produced by the Department of Business Administration at Bayreuth University and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, assumes that the financing of German hospitals will, in the future, be more varied than before …  >>

Strukturen der Prävention

Study (in German), 2009

The Germans clearly have some catching up to do when it comes to prevention and living healthy. That's the result of a study by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants which surveyed 1,000 Germans …  >>

E-HEALTH Wachstumsperspektiven für die Telekommunikationsbranche

Study, 2009

According to our study, the market for electronic healthcare services (eHealth) offers the telecommunications industry huge potential …  >>


Our experts


Roland Falb

Managing Partner Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic

Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 536 02-200
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Michael Caracache


Manama, Bahrain
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Christophe Angoulvant

Senior Partner

Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 53670-984
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Patrick Biecheler

Managing Partner Spain

Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 53670-902
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Peter Magunia


Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49 160 7443587
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Thilo Kaltenbach


Munich, Germany
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Greater China

Joe Jin


Shanghai, Greater China
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Tony Tang


Shanghai, Greater China
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Soosung Lee

Managing Partner Korea

Seoul, Korea
Phone: +82 2 2010 8858
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Tijo Collot d'Escury

Partner, Member of the GEC

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 7960600
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Thijs Stoop


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 7960 - 600
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Southeast Asia

Yoshihiro Suwa


Jakarta, Southeast Asia
Phone: +62 21 298 - 59812
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Hans Nyctelius


Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 410438 0
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Philipp Angehrn

Managing Partner Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 43 336-4420
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United Kingdom

Adrian Gibb


London, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 3075 1100
E-mail: e-mail


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Recent publication

Krankenhäuser in Deutschland

Studie, 2016

Die wirtschaftliche Lage der Krankenhäuser in Deutschland hat sich im letzten Jahr leicht verbessert. Allerdings konnten trotz gestiegener Umsätze immer noch 30 Prozent der Häuser keinen Jahresüberschuss erwirtschaften. …  >>