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Center for Smart Mobility

Center for Smart Mobility

Our mission

Contributing to a more sustainable and value-adding state of mobility

We at Roland Berger consider mobility as one of the key influence factors for sustainability. New products and services are evolving more and more rapidly around the world, providing a vast portfolio of opportunitites. At the same time, companies, governments, cities and other stakeholders struggle to draw the right conclusions for themselves. Our ambition is to provide support for our clients, addressing this highly complex topic with a holistic approach.

This is why, in our Center for Smart Mobility, we unite our resources and knowledge globally. We pursue a cross-functional approach by bringing together experts primarily from the automotive, infrastructure, and transportation industries.


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「Our expertise is our core asset. In this regard, our network to decision-makers in the private and public sector is only one source for our latest thinking.」
Portrait of Jan-Philipp Hasenberg
Jan-Philipp Hasenberg
Senior Partner
Hamburg Office, Central Europe

This is an exciting time for the mobility sector. Globalization and trade are increasing, and novel mobility scenarios are evolving from new technologies and market entrants. At the same time, a growing focus on sustainability and environmental impact has placed new restrictions on how players operate.

At Roland Berger, we have a broad perspective on the mobility sector. Therefore, we understand the disruption that lies ahead. We track growth internationally to predict long term trends and future challenges. Our global positioning means that our consultants have a well-rounded view on issues surrounding innovation, technologies, services throughout the world and can develop solutions for local as well as global markets.

Below, you find a summary on relevant studies and articles we worked on. The product range covers articles from the Automotive sector to Urban mobility and logistics. We encourage you to have a read through of our latest studies as well as our automotive disruption overview called MADE: it is definetely worth the time!

Smart city
Urban mobility
Automotive Disruption Radar
What we offer

Custom-made tools and approaches

For our clients we have worked on a range of projects. Here are some examples of how we contributed to their success.

  • Car manufacturer: For a global passenger car manufacturer we defined a smart mobility target portfolio of services. We assessed profit pools, M&A opportunities, and potential partners and developed the financial roadmap.
  • Leasing company: For a global leasing and fleet management company we developed a mobility strategy focusing on B2B services including business model design and implementation roadmap.
  • Automotive investor: For an automotive player we conducted an independent business review of a global ride-hailer. We validated the business plan and made suggestions for the improvement of growth and profitability.
  • Public transport operator: For a leading city in the Middle East we developed an integrated mobility concept from defining the investment strategy over the next ten years to creating businesses in ride-hailing and setting up an intermodal mobility platform
  • National railway: For a railway in a widespread European country we developed a comprehensive new mobility concept, integrating all modes of transport (urban, peri-urban, rural).
  • Logistics player: For a global logistics player we developed a diversification strategy to enter the mobility market, incl. detailed business cases several market segments. We supported the concept detailing to the successful launch of a new product.
  • Insurance group: For a leading European insurance group we assessed a diversification strategy into the new mobility ecosystem. We analyzed local markets, customers, and players and defined partners and pilot applications.
  • Ride Hailer: For Chinese ride-hailers we developed a growth concept, including business model design, profitability analyses, and development of a future asset management model.
  • Mobility operator: For a leading operator of mobility services we designed a future Mobility Personal Assistant, including business and technical architectures as well as partnerships with other transport companies for the creation of a common data lake

The team

True mobility experts with a cross-functional approach

Mobility is a complex topic requiring profound expertise and dedication. That is why we bring all relevant resources to the table right from the beginning. Our co-heads from our Automotive and Transportation practices demonstrate our ambition to challenge the thematic field of mobility holistically.
On top of that, not only our cross-functional, but also our transnational cooperative approach emphasizes the ambition to implement best-in class solutions. Our global network of mobility experts allows us to do so.

Center for Smart Mobility Leadership
Portrait of Jan-Philipp Hasenberg
ハンブルグオフィス, Central Europe
+49 69 29924-6506
Portrait of Tobias Schönberg
ベルリンオフィス, Central Europe
+49 30 39927-3316
Worldwide Mobility Network
Portrait of Raymond Wang
上海オフィス, 東アジア
+86 21 5298 6677-813
Portrait of Zhanfu Yu
北京オフィス, 東アジア
+86 10 8440 0088-669
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上海オフィス, 東アジア
+86 21 52986677-163
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パリオフィス, Western Europe
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パリオフィス, Western Europe
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パリオフィス, Western Europe
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Portrait of Cyrille Vincey
パリオフィス, Western Europe
+33 1 5367-0369
Portrait of Wolfgang Bernhart
シュトゥットガルトオフィス, Central Europe
+49 711 3275-7421
Portrait of Jörg Esser
デュッセルドルフオフィス, Central Europe
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Portrait of Manfred Hader
シニアパートナー, co-Head of Global Aerospace & Defence Practice
ハンブルグオフィス, Central Europe
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Portrait of Martin Hoyer
ハンブルグオフィス, Central Europe
+49 40 37631-4300
Portrait of Alexander Moeller
ベルリンオフィス, Central Europe
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Portrait of Yvonne Ruf
パートナー, Member of Supervisory Board
デュッセルドルフオフィス, Central Europe
+49 (69) 29924-6334
Middle East
Portrait of Mario Kerbage
ドバイオフィス, Middle East
+971 4 364 - 5300
Portrait of René Seyger
シニアパートナー, Managing Partner Middle East, Member of Supervisory Board
ドバイオフィス, Middle East
+971 4 364 5300
Portrait of Casper Veenman
アムステルダムオフィス, Western Europe
+31 20 7960-600
Portrait of Daria Koroleva
モスクワオフィス, Russia
+7 495 225 76 45 - 0
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ヨーテボリオフィス, Northern Europe
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Portrait of Dan Gabaldon
ボストンオフィス, North America
+1 240 274 8166
Warwick Stirling
デトロイトオフィス, North America
+1 248 463 8244
Portrait of Marc Winterhoff
デトロイトオフィス, North America
+1 312 662-5500
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Our mission

Contributing to a more sustainable and value-adding state of mobility