Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Unlock the potential of technology to shape the future

We are living in an age where advanced technology is not only about efficiency, optimization, or acceleration – but about solving human problems and creating solutions that have the potential to transform the world:

#WhatTechCanDo For Work & Business: Artificial Intelligence and digitalization transform business models and the way we work

#WhatTechCanDo For Our Planet: Technology can deliver answers to address the most challenging environmental questions

#WhatTechCanDo For Our Lives: Innovations elevate not only businesses, but also our personal lives, revolutionizing healthcare or individual transport

#WhatTechCanDo For Our Future: Technological advancements deliver visions for an enhanced future

" Our consulting is technology and innovation oriented. Knowledge of the global markets and an understanding of use cases is just as crucial as technology expertise, all of which we have in abundance. "
Portrait of Falk Meissner

Falk Meissner

Senior Partner
Chicago Office, North America

By accelerating how businesses innovate and grow and revolutionizing how we work and live, advanced technology has come to serve a bigger purpose. Thus, while innovations in the past were mostly specific to a single industry, technological breakthroughs now often trigger upheavals across entire sectors – with Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Technology and Mobility & Transport solutions being among the most transformative technological advancements of our time. What have been pipedreams for such a long time have matured into actionable solutions, enabling us to shape the future of humanity with joint forces.

At Roland Berger we support companies to turn disruptions and leaps in technology into sustainable growth. As a network of experts around the world, our consultants work with our clients to understand what advanced technology can do to enhance and optimize their business models, organizational structures, and strategies - without falling for every hype. Be it the precise application of artificial intelligence, staying ahead in the electrified and digitalized era of mobility, solving urgent questions of food scarcity and sustainability, or understanding the patient of the future: With an in-depth understanding of the markets and industries our clients operate in, we develop with technology-based strategies that improve operations and deliver better outcomes for organizations and their stakeholders.

#WhatTechCanDo for Work & Business

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) and digitalization are emerging as key drivers in the transformation of business models, heralding a new era of enhanced productivity – not only in routine tasks, but also more complex processes. The concept of "Industry 4.0," with its roots in digitalized manufacturing, illustrates the practical application and benefits of these technological advancements. Simultaneously, the rise of digital assets brings both opportunities and challenges, emphasizing the need for comprehensive frameworks to navigate issues of security, governance, and compliance in the Web3 realm. These issues are just as relevant in the physical world, with the example of the automotive sector, where software becomes as crucial as hardware in vehicles, pushing the industry to adapt both technologies and mindsets.

" With our AI-based tool CostIQ, we continuously help companies identify valid opportunities for cost and risk optimization. It also provides specific purchasing decision-support to unlock opportunities to reduce costs and risks. "
Portrait of Carsten Bock

Carsten Bock

Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe
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#WhatTechCanDo for Our Planet

As we face growing environmental challenges, the role of technology in fostering sustainability and reducing environmental footprint is becoming paramount. Embracing sustainable solutions is key for long-term business growth, and this is where the concept of the circular economy gains importance. Green tech investments are also rapidly expanding, encompassing diverse technologies like hydrogen, resource-efficient appliances, and photovoltaics. This burgeoning market affects all industry sectors from manufacturing to construction and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. In sustainable mobility, electric vehicles are a standout example, contributing to the decarbonization of transportation and driving the rapid development of innovative technologies.

" New technologies bring disruption beyond any technological challenges known to date. They also come with environmental responsibilities. We help our clients be successful in a rapidly changing ecosystem and support them to adhere to the standards of circular economy. "
Portrait of Wolfgang Bernhart

Wolfgang Bernhart

Senior Partner
Stuttgart Office, Central Europe
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#WhatTechCanDo for Our Lives

Technology advancements are affecting our daily lives, particularly in the field of healthcare. Robotic-assisted surgery is a prime example, bringing a revolution to the operating theatre. Another groundbreaking development in healthcare is the introduction of gene therapies, which involve modifying defective genetic material in patients with hereditary disorders. Thanks to technological advancements, longevity is transitioning from a mere aspiration to a tangible reality. Beyond healthcare, technology also profoundly influences our everyday consumer experience: in a post-Covid-19 world, digitalization trends that enhance consumers’ information and broaden their choice are here to stay. Furthermore, the advancement of smart and autonomous mobility is reshaping our transportation systems, making travel safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly.

" Autonomous driving is not a pipe dream anymore. Paired with electrification and innovations in transport, individual mobility as we know it is transformed before our eyes. This puts disruption on top of the agenda for almost all OEMs and suppliers and calls for re-thinking business strategies considering shifting consumer behavior and technological advancements. "
Portrait of Konstantin Shirokinskiy

Konstantin Shirokinskiy

Detroit Office, North America
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#WhatTechCanDo for Our Future

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Future technologies will reshape a broad spectrum of industries, from financial structures and high-speed travel to global food production and industrial processes. Mobility innovations like Hyperloop offer the prospect of eco-friendly, high-speed travel, presenting new possibilities in transportation. Automation and robotics are poised to reshape sectors like manufacturing and agriculture , addressing global challenges like food scarcity and environmental sustainability. Cloud technology is set to transform industrial processes, driving digitalization, and sharpening the focus on the topics of data handling and cybersecurity. These ongoing technological developments offer solutions to some of the most pressing challenges and open unprecedented opportunities for innovation and growth.

" Technology promises a more sustainable future for farming, with better outcomes for growers and the environment. "
Portrait of Wilfried Aulbur

Wilfried Aulbur

Senior Partner
Chicago Office, North America
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Technological innovation forms the basis of many of the world's leading businesses. You are curious about what tech can do for yours? At Roland Berger, we help you navigate strategic questions, regulatory pitfalls, investment opportunities and seamless integration into your operations. Our network of specialists supports the delivery and implementation of end-to-end solutions.

Roland Berger also provides advisory services for investors. This includes commercial and vendor due diligence, acquisition target search and screening, and support during the M&A process. These projects often require market and technology-driven valuations of startups, highly innovative niche players or other companies with new business and disruptive technologies.

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