Recent Events

  • 16. Juni 2020

    Operations: The heart of sustainability | Webinar

    Sustainability is a broad field that covers much more than just greenhouse gas emissions. The Roland Berger Operations Team invites you to rethink sustainability in operations and to discuss inspiring company examples.

  • 17. April 2020

    Build, back, better - Powerful despite Corona | Expert-call

    The current COVID-19 situation leaves many challenges and few answers. In a series of audio conferences, valued speakers from different professional backgrounds will share their perspectives.

    Event duration: 17. April 2020 - 24. April 2020

  • 16. April 2020

    Spend Compression | Webinar

    Roland Berger's Spend Compression approach delivers a rapid solution for firms to increase their savings in demanding times like these.

    Event duration: 16. April 2020 - 23. April 2020

  • 5. November 2019

    AAPEX Show, Las Vegas, USA

    US Aftermarket Leader Barry Neal reports on the pulse check of the industry and advices on how to prepare for the new online-to-offline world.

    Event duration: 5. November 2019 - 7. November 2019