Recent Events

  • 2021年1月25日

    World Economic Forum | Annual Meeting (Virtual)

    The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2021 brings global leaders from business and government together to design a common recovery path, shape the Great Reset in the post-COVID-19 era and rebuild a more resilient, cohesive and sustainable society.

    Event duration: 2021年1月25日 - 2021年1月29日

  • 2020年11月10日

    FinTalks with Bahrain FinTech Bay | Webinar

    In a joint webinar, our Partner Andreas Buelow and founder of "The CareVoice" Sebastian Gaudin, discuss The CareVoice’s experience in pushing the boundaries of health insurance in Asia. Gain different perspectives about health (eco-)systems and how digital companies can drive the development of the insurance sector.

  • 2020年9月30日

    Exclusive online event "Future of health - The rise of healthcare platforms"

    Future of health goes industry. In the current study "Future of health (2) - The rise of healthcare platforms" Roland Berger analyzes international platform models in the healthcare sector, show future scenarios and derive key success factors. Our Partners guide you through the key findings of the survey nutshell and discuss the situation and future of the industry in the light of the corona crisis in a joint online event.

  • 2020年9月28日

    Global Aerospace Summit | Virtual Event

    Manfred Hader, expert in Aerospace & Defence, participates in a panel discussion regarding "The technology opportunity – pivoting productivity?" at this years' virtual Global Aerospace Summit.

    Event duration: 2020年9月28日 - 2020年9月29日

  • 2020年9月16日

    Dachmarkenforum, Berlin, Germany

    Richard Federowski speaks at the Dachmarkenforum, which serves as a networking event and communication platform for industry insiders with lectures and impulses on the topic of fashion and lifestyle retailing.

  • 2020年9月14日

    Global AI Summit, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Kushal Shah and Mario Kerbage moderate panel discussions about Gaming and the Future of Transportation.

    Event duration: 2020年9月14日 - 2020年9月15日

  • 2020年8月17日

    Young Global Leaders Annual Summit | Virtual Conference

    Our Partner Bhavin Sha from Roland Berger Middle East is part of this year's Young Global Leaders Summit, where a new generation of leaders from around the world discuss current issues and ideas for the future.

  • 2020年6月24日

    The 13th edition of the Arab Startup Competition: Conference and Award Ceremony | Virtual Event

    The annual Arab Startup Competition is designed to empower entrepreneurs and foster an eco-system of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Arab Region. Our Partner Kushal Shah participates as a final rounde judge in this virtual event.

  • 2020年6月18日

    COVID-19 webinar: How the COVID-19 crisis is impacting across aerospace, defence & security sectors | Webinar

    In a webinar hosted by the ADS, our Partners Robert Thomson and Rahul Gangal discuss the latest developments in the context of the Coronavirus crisis across aerospace and defence industry.

  • 2020年6月16日

    Operations: The heart of sustainability | Webinar

    Sustainability is a broad field that covers much more than just greenhouse gas emissions. The Roland Berger Operations Team invites you to rethink sustainability in operations and to discuss inspiring company examples.

  • 2020年6月10日

    New Normal for the Automotive industry: Roland Berger View | Webinar

    As the "New Normal" is on the doorsteps, our Partners Casper Veenman and Jan-Philipp Hasenberg reflect on what the new situation means for the Automotive industry and how to adjust long-term strategic alignments.

  • 2020年6月4日

    COVID-19 impact in Italy: lessons learned and key elements to ramp-up fast | Webinar

    Italy was hit particularly hard by the corona crisis. Our Partner Andrea Bassanino from the Milan office reflects the effects of the crisis in several sectors and ways back to performance.

  • 2020年6月3日

    Regtech Live – Driving Compliance Through Innovation | Webinar

    Our Partner Bhavin Sha moderates a panel discussion on the topic “Navigating the RegTech landscape’’ in a webinar hosted by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).

  • 2020年5月19日

    IoT in Production – challenges and opportunities for OEMs | Webinar

    Our Partner Bernhard Langefeld is invited as guest speaker in a CECIMO webinar. Besides providing insights from the study "IoT in Production", current IoT trends in the manufacturing industry and challenges are discussed.

  • 2020年5月14日

    How COVID-19 is impacting the aerospace sector | Webinar

    In a joint webinar, Roland Berger in association with the ADS discuss the latest insights into the impact of the coronavirus on the aerospace sector.

  • 2020年5月3日

    Going fast-digital in covid times | Webinar

    Our Partner Bhavin Sha is co-hosting a webinar in partnership with AION, to discuss views and solutions on current issues, such as the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy and on the Middle East, as well as the role of digitalization and impacts on the financial sector.

  • 2020年4月28日

    14th World Economic Forum on Latin America, São Paulo, Brazil

    Please note: postponed | Under the theme 'Reforming for Growth and Inclusion', António Bernardo explores the issues facing Latin America and addresses its emerging challenges and opportunities.

    Event duration: 2020年4月28日 - 2020年4月30日

  • 2020年4月23日

    Spend Compression for GCC companies | Webinar

    Roland Berger's Spend Compression approach delivers a rapid solution for firms to increase their savings in demanding times like these. Register now for the GCC focused webinar on April 23, 2020 | 5 pm DXB, 4 pm RUH.

  • 2020年4月21日

    Successful care management in times of crisis | Webinar

    In a joint Roland Berger and CARE Invest webinar on successful management in the care sector, our Partner Peter Magunia will be addressing the topics of project management and project control in times of crisis.

  • 2020年4月16日

    Spend Compression | Webinar

    Roland Berger's Spend Compression approach delivers a rapid solution for firms to increase their savings in demanding times like these.

    Event duration: 2020年4月16日 - 2020年4月23日

  • 2020年4月7日

    Help for Entrepreneurs - Deutsche Unternehmerbörse | Webinar

    Our Partner Morris Hosseini will be taking part in an expert talk on the current Corona-Crisis, hosted by the Deutsche Unternehmerbörse. Please join for valuable insight about the topic of safe rebooting with continuing health safety.

  • 2020年4月5日

    World Economic Forum Regional Meeting on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Please note: postponed | René Seyger and Kushal Shah participate in a Special Meeting on the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Middle East to shape the regional and industrial agenda.

    Event duration: 2020年4月5日 - 2020年4月6日

  • 2020年3月30日

    Global AI Summit, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Please note: postponed | Kushal Shah and Mario Kerbage moderate panel discussions about Gaming and the Future of Transportation.

    Event duration: 2020年3月30日 - 2020年3月31日

  • 2019年12月10日

    Future of Transportation World Conference, Vienna, Austria

    Stefan Schickram explains how new technologies make public transport in urban areas financially sustainable and chair a panel.

    Event duration: 2019年12月10日 - 2019年12月11日

  • 2019年12月4日

    46. Deutscher Marketing Tag, Düsseldorf, Germany

    Tobias Göbbel chairs a breakout session and enters the main panel on "Generation Y – influencer induced consumer habits".

    Event duration: 2019年12月4日 - 2019年12月5日

  • 2019年11月21日

    11th Global Peter Drucker Forum, Vienna, Austria

    Axelle Lemaire participates in a live discussion on the main panel: The Ecosystem Inside - Rethinking the Organization.

    Event duration: 2019年11月21日 - 2019年11月22日

  • 2019年11月20日

    Deutscher Handelskongress Retail World 2019, Berlin, Germany

    Tobias Weisel provides insights into customers, brand development and online platforms.

    Event duration: 2019年11月20日 - 2019年11月21日

  • 2019年11月12日

    HanseCom Forum, Hamburg, Germany

    Our Partner Alexander Möller, expert in the field of transportation, speaks on the future of public transport and especially on the importance of customer loyalty, financing, regulation and efficiency.

    Event duration: 2019年11月12日 - 2019年11月13日

  • 2019年11月10日

    Agritechnica 2019, Hannover, Germany

    Wilfried Aulbur contributes to the panel discussion on the challenges for international agriculture and the international agricultural machinery industry.

    Event duration: 2019年11月10日 - 2019年11月16日

  • 2019年11月5日

    AAPEX Show, Las Vegas, USA

    US Aftermarket Leader Barry Neal reports on the pulse check of the industry and advices on how to prepare for the new online-to-offline world.

    Event duration: 2019年11月5日 - 2019年11月7日

  • 2019年11月3日

    Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils 2019, Dubai, UAE

    Axelle Lemaire contributes her expertise on Agile Governance to the annual gathering of the World Economic Forum's Network of the Global Future Councils.

    Event duration: 2019年11月3日 - 2019年11月4日

  • 2019年10月19日

    Quingdao Multinationals Summit 2019, Quingdao, China

    Stefan Schaible and Denis Depoux participate in this top-class thought leader platform to share their knowledge with multinational players.

    Event duration: 2019年10月19日 - 2019年10月20日

  • 2019年9月11日

    2nd Annual Corporate Restructuring Summit

    Corporate Performance expert Sassan Hatam shares approved insights on entrepreneurial restructuring to the audience.

    Event duration: 2019年9月11日 - 2019年9月12日

  • 2019年9月4日

    Handelsblatt Banking Summit 2019, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Are platforms the bank of the future? Which opportunities do established players have? Senior Partner Dr. Markus Strietzel to elaborate on this questions as a panelist.

    Event duration: 2019年9月4日 - 2019年9月5日

  • 2019年7月1日

    Automotive Production Summit | Online

    Roland Berger is again a partner of the summit with a focus this year on digitalization in production. Our automotive experts Michael Rüger and Rolf Janssen share their expertise on transformation and performance optimization in a panel discussion and virtual talks with a selective audience.

    Event duration: 2019年7月1日 - 2019年7月2日

  • 2019年6月26日

    Solar Impulse Foundation x Roland Berger Experts Challenge Event, Munich, Germany

    Networking workshop to spread the word on environment and profitability with showcases from labelled solutions.

  • 2019年6月11日

    Consumer Goods Forum, Vancouver, Canada

    Our Consumer Goods & Retail Partner Tobias Göbbel will report on "Decoding Generation Y. Attract Them to Your Brand. Excite Them in the Store" together with Procter & Gamble and DM.

    Event duration: 2019年6月11日 - 2019年6月14日

  • 2019年5月28日

    AI for Good Summit, Geneva, Switzerland

    The leading United Nations platform for global and inclusive dialogue on AI, where Charles-Edouard Bouée joins the panel discussion on "Transformations on the horizon".

    Event duration: 2019年5月28日 - 2019年5月31日

  • 2019年5月20日

    Handelsblatt Energy Bootcamp, Bonn, Germany

    Our Energy Partners Martin Hoyer and Marc Sauthoff to lead an interactive workshop session on Digital Transformation through intelligent service platforms.

    Event duration: 2019年5月20日 - 2019年5月21日

  • 2019年5月16日

    VivaTech, Paris, France

    Axelle Lemaire participates in the fireside chat on “The Purpose of Corporate Organisations" at the Tech4Good Award while Emmanuel Touboul joins the "Startup & Corporate" roundtable.

  • 2019年5月16日

    Rise of AI, Berlin, Germany

    Charles-Edouard Bouée, Global CEO at Roland Berger, enters again the visionary future stage at one of the world-leading conferences on Artificial Intelligence.

  • 2019年5月6日

    CogX – The Festival of AI, London, UK

    Global CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée enters the stage exploring the rise of digital beings and how tech can solve the world's most intractable problems.

    Event duration: 2019年5月6日 - 2019年5月7日

  • 2019年4月9日

    Urban Air Mobility Conference, Atlanta, USA

    Manfred Hader, Partner and Co-Head of our Global Aerospace & Defense Practice, to contribute at the panel discussion on Electric Distributed Propulsion.

    Event duration: 2019年4月9日 - 2019年4月10日

  • 2019年4月6日

    World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa, Sweimeh, Jordan

    Our Senior Partner Kushal Shah to participate. The Forum addresses regional challenges in economic growth, social advancement and sustainable development.

    Event duration: 2019年4月6日 - 2019年4月7日

  • 2019年3月31日

    ISS Europe, Milano, Italy

    Our Partner Dr. Michael Alexander speaks about "Digitization of the manufacturing value chain – Leveraging Europe's strength in Industry 4.0".

    Event duration: 2019年3月31日 - 2019年4月2日

  • 2019年3月27日

    The Economy Big Bang, Paris, France

    Our Partner Axelle Lemaire will hold an inspiring keynote on the topic "Why the innovation machine is getting out of control".

  • 2019年3月27日

    China Tech – The Chinese way to disrupt, Berlin, Germany

    What can European tech giants learn from China? Our Partner Jochen Ditsche contributes to exploring this question at Spielfeld Digital Hub.

  • 2019年3月25日

    State of the Nation, Düsseldorf, Germany

    Experience Sascha Haghani, Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Bert Rürup (former "Wirtschaftsweise" and governmental advisor) and other experts in a profound conversation on the broad economic perspective in Germany and how to prepare for the downturn.

  • 2019年3月23日

    China Development Forum, Beijing, China

    Roland Berger CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée on stage at the first annual international high-level conference in China.

    Event duration: 2019年3月23日 - 2019年3月25日

  • 2019年3月10日

    The Retail Summit, Dubai, UAE

    Johannes Distler and Shah Kushal join The Retail Summit and organize several roundtables besides the event.

    Event duration: 2019年3月10日 - 2019年3月11日

  • 2019年3月10日

    Gateway Gulf, Manamah, Bahrain

    As part of our Knowledge Partnership Vatche Kourkejian and Uwe Hörmann moderate deep-dive panel discussions on renewable energy and how the infrastructure of the Gulf will change in the future.

    Event duration: 2019年3月10日 - 2019年3月12日

  • 2019年2月27日

    Automobilwoche Conference, Munich, Germany

    Alexander Brenner, Partner Automotive leads the panel discussion "From car purchase to subscription – data driven success".

  • 2019年1月22日

    World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

    Roland Berger CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée engages in the renowned annual meeting to shape the global, regional and industry agenda of 2019.

    Event duration: 2019年1月22日 - 2019年1月25日

  • 2018年12月6日

    23rd EIPM Annual Purchasing Conference, Archamps, France

    Oliver Knapp and Sven Marlinghaus will demonstrate how purchasing can transform complexity into an advantage.

    Event duration: 2018年12月6日 - 2018年12月7日

  • 2018年11月28日

    Global Peter Drucker Forum, Vienna, Austria

    Roland Berger CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée joins panel.

    Event duration: 2018年11月28日 - 2018年11月30日

  • 2018年11月21日

    Regional event on "infrastructure" together with Stuttgarter Zeitung and LBBW, Stuttgart, Germany

    Roland Berger Partner Torsten Henzelmann discusses together with other panelists challenges in regional infrastructure.

  • 2018年11月19日

    5. Deutsch-Chinesische Wirtschaftskonferenz "Belt and Road Initiative", Frankfurt/Main, Germany

    The „Belt and Road Initiative“ focusses on the German-Chinese collaboration. Roland Berger experts discuss with top representatives from politics, science and economics actual topics such as mobility and urban development.

    Event duration: 2018年11月19日 - 2018年11月20日

  • 2018年11月14日

    German Retail Congress, Berlin, Germany

    The annual congress for the German retail industry. Join Falco Weidemeyer and Thorsten de Boer at their AI roundtable "Retail Game Changer".

    Event duration: 2018年11月14日 - 2018年11月15日

  • 2018年11月12日

    Sueddeutsche Zeitung Economic Summit, Berlin, Germany

    Economic summit with participation of Dr. Angela Merkel envisaging the major issues moving today’s economy, politics and society – e.g. artificial intelligence. CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée shares his expertise at the panel.

    Event duration: 2018年11月12日 - 2018年11月14日

  • 2018年10月24日

    Future FMCG Roundtable, Hamburg, Germany

    Learnings from the Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum in Singapore. Meet the Roland Berger Consumer Goods & Retail experts for interesting discussions.

  • 2018年10月9日

    Dachmarkenforum 2018, Berlin, Germany

    The retail apocalypse? Richard Federowski discusses with other experts the implications of digitalization.

    Event duration: 2018年10月9日 - 2018年10月10日

  • 2018年10月1日

    Executive evening - Industry 4.0, Berlin, Germany

    Exclusive co-hosted event where Peter Wienand presents best practices and most successful monetization strategies regarding the Industry 4.0.

    Event duration: 2018年10月1日 - 2018年10月3日

  • 2018年9月23日

    Future Investment Initiative, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Roland Berger CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée holds speech on immersive technology.

    Event duration: 2018年9月23日 - 2018年9月25日

  • 2018年9月11日

    World Economic Forum on ASEAN, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Roland Berger expert Thomas Klotz attends conference on shaping the path forward through ASEAN’s big transitions.

    Event duration: 2018年9月11日 - 2018年9月13日

  • 2018年6月25日

    Roland Berger Summernight Symposium, Vienna, Austria

    Designated experts celebrate together the 20th anniversary of the Roland Berger symposium focusing this year on "AI and its consequences for companies, society and working environment".

  • 2018年6月12日

    Consumer Goods Forum, Singapore

    Build the future of business with leaders from around the world and meet with designated Roland Berger experts.

    Event duration: 2018年6月12日 - 2018年6月15日

  • 2018年6月12日

    Drucker Forum Event, Paris, France

    "AI – Enslaving or liberating society and knowledge workers?" Terra Numerata expert Axelle Lemaire participates in panel.

  • 2018年6月12日

    Economic Conference 2018, Berlin, Germany

    Roland Berger expert Stefan Schaible joins conference with Dr. Angela Merkel and other prominent speakers.

  • 2018年6月11日

    Conference of Montreal, Canada

    "A new globalization: Managing uncertainty" – Charles-Edouard Bouée holds a keynote on "AI and the future of china".

    Event duration: 2018年6月11日 - 2018年6月14日

  • 2018年6月7日

    21st International WDR Europaforum 2018

    Roland Berger expert Stefan Schaible joins the 21st International WDR Europaforum at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Berlin. In this renowned conference political leader (e.g. Jean-Claude Juncker, Dr. Angela Merkel) discuss the present state and future of Europe.

  • 2018年6月5日

    PCIM, Nuremberg, Germany

    Roland Berger expert Dr. Michael Alexander shares his expertise at the leading European conference on power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy and energy management.

    Event duration: 2018年6月5日 - 2018年6月7日

  • 2018年5月16日

    Symposium Digitization Dresden

    Explore opportunities of digitization with experts, pioneers and scientists.

  • 2018年5月15日

    Expert Challenge Event in partnership with Solar Impulse Foundation, Berlin, Germany

    The Solar Impulse Experts Community to assess innovative and eco-friendly solutions at Spielfeld Digital Hub. Roland Berger Global CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée will open the challenge with a keynote.

  • 2018年1月8日

    World Economic Forum, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

    Event duration: 2018年1月8日 - 2018年1月15日

  • 2017年11月29日

    Peter Drucker Forum, Vienna, Austria

    Promoting business growth and inclusive prosperity

    Event duration: 2017年11月29日 - 2017年11月30日

  • 2017年10月2日

    Travel Convention 2018, Aachen, Germany

    This unique platform brings together leading players in business and academia. Jörg Esser and Martin Streichfuss offer specialized know-how in the areas of strategic development and co-operation, innovation and topline enhancement.

    Event duration: 2017年10月2日 - 2017年10月4日

  • 2017年6月6日

    NOAH Conference, Berlin, Germany

    Connect with thought-leaders who will drive the next digital revolution

    Event duration: 2017年6月6日 - 2017年6月7日

  • 2015年4月1日

    On current occasion

    The dynamic situation surrounding the new corona virus also requires drastic measures from us at Roland Berger. We see it as our duty to prevent further spread of the virus and thus contribute to the general safety and health of all people around us. For this reason, our Spring / Summer live events will be postponed or cancelled for the time being. Meanwhile, our experts are there for you in various webinars, webcasts and audioconferences to accompany your return to a new normality.

    Event duration: 2015年4月1日 - 2015年8月1日

  • 2015年3月23日

    On current occasion

    The dynamic situation surrounding the new corona virus also requires drastic measures from us at Roland Berger. We see it as our duty to prevent further spread of the virus and thus contribute to the general safety and health of all people around us. For this reason, our Spring / Summer live events will be postponed or cancelled for the time being. Meanwhile, our experts are there for you in various webinars, webcasts and audioconferences to accompany your return to a new normality.

    Event duration: 2015年3月23日 - 2015年8月23日

  • 2013年6月17日

    Strengthened from Corona?! Navigating in the area of conflict between corporate restructuring and financial strength | Webinar

    Sascha Haghani, Senior Partner, CEO Germany and DACH region and Member of the Supervisory Board at Roland Berger, speaks at a webcast on finance and restructuring by the UniCredit Bank AG about financial leeway, repositioning and how to emerge stronger from the crisis.